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    Regression analysis for McDonald's employees data.

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    Choose the dependent variable (the response variable to be "explained") and the independent variable (the predictor or explanatory variable) as you judge appropriate. Use a spreadsheet or a statistical package (e.g., MegaStat or MINITAB) to obtain the bivariate regression and required graphs. Write your answers to exercises in a concise report, labeling your answers to each question. Insert tables and graphs in your report as appropriate

    12.48 In the following regression, X = weekly pay, Y = income tax withheld, and n = 35 McDonald's employees. (a) Write the fitted regression equation. (b) State the degrees of freedom for a two-tailed test for zero slope, and use Appendix D to find the critical value at α = .05. (c) What is your conclusion about the slope? (d) Interpret the 95 percent confidence limits for the slope. (e) Verify that F = t2 for the slope. (f) In your own words, describe the fit of this regression.

    ANOVA table

    Source SS df MS F p-value

    Regression 387.6959 1 387.6959 8.35 .0068
    Residual 1,533.0614 33 46.4564

    Total 1,920.7573 34

    Regression output Confidence Interval

    Variables coefficients std. error t (df = 33) p-value 95% lower 95% upper

    Intercept 30.7963 6.4078 4.806 .0000 17.7595 43.8331
    Slope 0.0343 0.0119 2.889 .0068 0.0101 0 .0584

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    Step by step method for computing regression model for McDonald's employees data.