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Statistics - Regression

Plot the data on U.S. general aviation shipments.

1. In the following regression, X = weekly pay, Y = income tax withheld, and n = 35 McDonald's employees. (a) Write the regression equation. (b) Is the regression model significant? . (c) What is your conclusion about the slope? (d) In your own words, describe the fit of this regression. How well does the independent variable explain the dependent variable?
2. Using test data on 20 types of laundry detergent, an analyst fitted a regression to predict CostPerLoad (average cost per load in cents per load) using binary predictors TopLoad (1 if washer is a toploading model, 0 otherwise) and Powder (if detergent was in powder form, 0 otherwise). ...
3. Plot the data on U.S. general aviation shipments. (b) Describe the pattern and discuss possible causes. (c) Would a fitted trend be helpful? Explain. (d) Make a similar graph for 1992-2003 only. Would a fitted trend be helpful in making a prediction for 2004? (e) Fit a trend model of your choice to the 1992-2003 data. (f) Make a forecast ...

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