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    Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    7. 8 recent money spent for 2 years
    Y = 0.0914x + 46.291
    Mon recent x 454.8 664.1 745.8 783.9 798.1 1043.7 955.8 1224.4
    Spent y 449.5 682.3 745.7 759.6 731.2 1019.9 928.2 1152.5

    a. Find coefficient determination and interpret the result _________________
    b. How can coefficient determination be interpreted
    c. The coefficient money spent that is unexplained; the remain is money raised explain by money raised
    d. Money spend can be explain in money raised, unexplained remaining

    Find the standard error estimate Se and interpret the result ________________
    A+bx regre-equal

    Where x & y are variables, b is the slope of regression line,
    A is the interpret point line and y is the axis

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    a) The Coefficient of Determination is given as 0.988.
    b) The Coefficient of Determination is the ...

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