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Regression Analysis

Factors that Affect Selling Price for Ford Mustangs

We want to determine the factors that affect selling prices of Ford Mustangs. The statistical analysis of the data involves hypothesis testing and multiple-regression analysis. The data is attached. Analyses that you'll want to do are: 1. Test the hypothesis that mean price does not depend on whether the car is a convertibl

Regression Model to Predict Accounts Receivable

You are the CFO for Mark's Company. Intuitively you know that there is a relationship between sales and collections in your company. You want to design a model that will allow the company to predict collections. Historical credit sales data is shown for the current month, March, and the previous months. As the CFO you wil

Regression model for heating cost in SPSS

Salsberry Realty sells homes along the east coast of the U.S. One of the questions most frequently asked by prospective buyers is: If we purchase this home, how much can we expect to pay to heat it during the winter? The research department at Salsbury has been asked to develop some guidelines regarding heating costs for singl

Multiple Regression model for employee data in SPSS

Using the SPSS data file "employee data" answer the following questions. First run a regression analysis identifying "salary" as the dependent variable and "educ", "jobcat", "salbegin", "jobtime", "prevexp", and "minority" and the independent variables. a) What is the regression equation? b) What variables contr

Regression Analysis in SPSS

It has been suggested that treatment of a plastic used in optic lenses will improve wear. Four different treatments are to be tested. To determine whether any differences in mean wear exist among treatments, 28 castings were made from a single formulation of the plastic and seven castings were randomly assigned to each of the

Statistics: Yearly Movie Attendance and Dow Jones Industrial

Problem 1 The following data represents the yearly movie attendance (in billions) in the United States from 1999 to 2008: Year Attendance 1999 1.47 2000 1.42 2001 1.49 2002 1.63 2003 1.57 2004 1.53 2005 1.41 2006 1.45 2007 1.47 2008 1.55 a. Plot the time series. b. Fit a three-year moving average to the dat

Regression model for crime rate

You have been hired as a data analyst for the Philadelphia Police Department. The Department needs your help in determining whether they should change their current allocation of police officers on patrol for two precincts. They provide you with the data for the past 20 weeks. For each week there is a count of the number of p

General Statistics: Qualitative and Quantitative Variables

1. In 2002 The Cinergy Corporation sold 35,615 million cubic feet of gas to residential customers and a increase of 1.1% over the previous year. Does this information represent descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Why? 2. What is the difference between a qualitative variable and a quantitative variable? When woul

Time Series Line Chart for airline data.

For this exercise, use Excel, MegaStat, or MINITAB to make an attractive, well-labeled time-series line chart. Adjust the Y-axis scale if necessary to show more detail (since Excel usually starts the scale at zero). If a fitted trend is called for, use Excel's option to display the equation and R2 statistic (or MAPE, MAD, and MS

Linear regression analysis hypothesis formulation

Formulate a hypothesis statement regarding your research issue. Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data. Assume the number of games won is the dependent variable and attendance the independent variable. Can we conclude that the correlation between these two variables is greater than 0? Use the .05 significance level

Correlation and Regression Computation

A consumer buying cooperative tested the effective heating area of 20 different electric space heaters with different wattages. Here are the results. Heater Wattage Area 1 1,500 205 2 750 70 3 1,500 199 4 1,250 151 5

Multivariate regression analysis with SPSS

The data set question2.dat contains two test scores (Math and Reading) for each of n = 50 students. In addition to the test scores, the researchers asked the students how much time they spent watching TV, reading books not related to school, playing sports, and using a computer for entertainment purposes. The researchers were i

Correlation regression/determination

The city council of Pine Bluffs is considering increasing the number of police in an effort to reduce crime. Before making a final decision, the council asks the Chief of Police to survey other cities of similar size to determine the relationship between the number of police and the number of crimes reported. The Chief gathered

Distribution and Regression of House Selling Price

The following data given the selling price, square footage, number of bedrooms and age of houses that have been sold in a neighborhood last year .You are asked to analyze these data, using the Data Analysis tool in Excel, and produce a summary report that will answer the following questions: 1. Consider the selling price, summa


The coefficient of correlation was computed to be -0.60. This means a. the coefficient of determination is . b. as X increase Y decreases. c. X and Y are both 0. d. as X decreases Y decreases. Which of the following is a stronger

Scatter diagram, coefficient of correlation, coefficient of determination

Tem Rousos, president of Rousos Ford, believes there is a relationship between the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty. To investigate he selects a sample of eight weeks and determines the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty for that week. Week Sales staff Cars so

Multiple logistic regression in SPSS

Question 2: Multiple logistic regression The model presented below is an extension of the simple logistic model above, except that there are now two predictors of 'expire': 'blunt' and 'iss.' ISS is a continuous variable that is a measure of trauma severity. Case Processing Summary Unweighted Cases N Percent Sel

Least Squares Trend Equation - Regression Analysis

Please help with the following problem. The amounts spent in vending machines in the United States, in billions of dollars, for the years 1999 through 2003 are given below. Determine the least squares trend equation. Year Code X Vending Machine Sales ($ billions) Y 1999 1 17.5

Correlation analysis in SPSS

For 1, 2, and 3 a) explain which test is appropriate and why b) interpret the results in classical hypothesis testing language c) and explain what the confidence interval means. 1. A drug-addled gas-bag, rightwing radio talk show host (who believes he understands testing) says that anybody can score at least 25 points on

Regression analysis in Megastat

Can you predict the number of touchdowns from the following variables: attempts, yards, and yards per game? a)Develop a correlation matrix for the 3 predictor variables, do you suspect multicolinarity? b)What is your multiple regression equation, is it significant? c)Predict the number of touchdowns for a back

Regression for effect of sack yardage on quarterback rating.

Analyze the effect of sack yardage has on quarterback rating. a)Does the sack yardage predict the QB rating? b)What is the regression equation and is this a significant equation? c)What is your prediction for the QB rating of a quarterback that has 300 sack yards? Player sack y

Time series model for unemployment rate

Time Series Analysis THE FOLLOWING TIME SERIES DATA REPRESENTS THE MEAN YEARLY US UNEMPLOYMENT RATE BETWEEN JANUARY 1981 AND OCTOBER 2008 (OBTAINED FROM THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS): Year U.S. Unemployment Rate (%) 1981 7.62 1982 9.71 1983 9.60 1984 7.51 1985 7.19 1986 7.00 1987 6.18 1988 5.49 1989 5.26

Calculation of moving average in Megastat

A woman got a job at a starting salary of $35,000 a year. If she received an 8% raise on each additional year, how much would her salary be at the beginning of the tenth year? Use future-value method [ŷ = C * (1 + r)t-1 ] where 'C' is the base value, "r" stands for rate of increase and 't' stands for time. Show your work.

Linear Regression Analysis on Education and Wages

From the following data set, develop a research question and formulate a hypothesis that can be tested with linear regression analysis. Education Years Wage $ 6 11186 12 20852 12 10997 17 14476 8 13787 16 19452 12 16667 12 15234 12 39888 18 13162 18 20793 16 19284 17 13481 11 16789 14 11702 12 11451 16 3335

Statistics - Regression - Bivariate Data

Bivariate data obtained for the paired variables x and y are shown below, in the table labelled "Sample Data". These data are plotted in the scatter plot (not shown), which also displays the least-squares regression line for the data. The equation for this line is ^y=1.86 + 0.48x. In the "Calculations" table are calculations

Statistics - Slope, Intercept, Least Squares Regression

The Cadet is a popular model of sport utility vehicle, known for its relatively high resale value. The bivariate data given below were taken from a sample of fifteen Cadets, each bought "new" two years ago and each sold "used" within the past month. For each Cadet in the sample, we have listed both the mileage, (in thousands of

Regression model

Using the spreadsheet (please use excel for calculations) 1. Use these data to develop an equation that can be used to predict the infant mortality rate. Justify your equation. 2. Are there and outliers? If so, what happens if you omit them? Should they be omitted? 3. Interpret the coefficients in your equation. 4.