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Regression Analysis

Is an F-statistic used to test the global hypothesis

Yes or no: Is an F-statistic used to test the global hypothesis in multiple regression analysis? Please demonstrate calculations and findings: If a multiple regression analysis is based on 10 independent variables collected from a sample of 125 observations, what will be the value of the denominator in the calculation of the

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing, Simple Regression, Multiple Populations

Hypothesis Testing 1. The MBA department is concerned that dual degree students may be receiving lower grades than the regular MBA students. Two independent random samples have been selected 350 observations from population 1 (dual degree students) and 310 from population 2 (MBA students). The sample means obtained are X1(

Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis

1. It is believed that GPA (grade point average, based on a four point scale) should have a positive linear relationship with ACT scores. Given below is the Excel output from regressing GPA on ACT scores using a data set of 8 randomly chosen UB students. Regressing GPA on ACT Regression Statistics Multipl

Regression Analysis

In this question, the datasets contain country-level data on total fertility rates and girls' educational levels, in both developing and developed countries. In the answer, examine the relationship between a country's total fertility rate (TOTRATE, the outcome in these analyses) and the aggregate educational level of girls i

Statistic Inference: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

See attached files. 1. Thirty-two data points on Y and X are employed to estimate the parameters in the linear relation Y = a + bX. The computer output from the regression analysis is a. The equation of the sample regression line is: = __________________________. b. There are ______ degrees of freedom for the t-te

Test Opinion that Big Company Customers Influence Stock Price

See attached file. Suppose an entry level financial analyst wants to use regression models to analyze and predict the daily closing price of Microsoft stock traded in the market. To begin with the task, he was given a dataset (stockprices.MTW dataset, downloadable from GeorgiaVIEW, source: Yahoo) which contains ten years' his

Scatter graph of S&P 500 vs WMT, beta and risk premium

See attached data files. 1. Prepare a scatter graph of S&P 500 vs. WMT, add the trend line and estimated equation. What is Beta estimate for WMT based on the equitation you've got? 2. Run regression of WMT risk premium vs. S&P 500 risk premium: RPWMT = α + βi (RPS&P 500) + εi a. What is your Beta

The difference between correlation and regression

Linear regression vs Correlation coefficient: When is it best to use either of them? What types of variables can you apply them to, how many variables can each encompass, and which can be employed for a prediction of a new observation?

Regression Line Relating the Percentage to Number of Variables

See attached file. Regression example Number Percentage of variable x Number of variable y 1 3.6 1700 2 2.0 3078 3 0.3 1820 4 0.3 2706 5 0.2 2086 6 3.0 2299 7 0.0 676 8 1.0 2088 9 2.2 2013 1.1 Fit a regression line relating the percentage of variables X to the number of variables Y. 1.2 Test for the statistica

Normal Probability

12. Find the area under the normal distribution curve to the right of z = -3.24. (Points : 1) 0.499 -0.499 0.999 0.001 13. Use a scatter plot to deternine the relationship between the x values and the y values. (Points : 1) No relationship Nonlinear relationship

Statistics: 12.48, 13.32, 14.16

See attached file for clarity. Chapter 12 Review #1 (p.543) 12.48 In the following regression, X = weekly pay, Y = income tax withheld, and n = 35 McDonaldâ??s employees. (a) Write the fitted regression equation. (b) State the degrees of freedom for a twotailed test for zero slope, and use Appendix D to find the critical

Quarterly Time Series Analysis

A plastics manufacturing company performed a quarterly time series analysis for demands over the last five years (periods 1 through 20). The analysis resulted in the following trend equation and seasonal indexes: Based on the seasonal indexes, which quarter is expect to have 21% more demand than predicted by the trend line?

Quarterly Time Series Analysis

A plastics manufacturing performed a quarterly time series analysis for demands over the last five years (periods 1 through 20). The analysis resulted in the following trend equation and seasonal indexes: Based on the seasonal indexes, which quarter is expect to have 25% less demand than predicted by the trend line? a. 1

Statistics: Detailed Regression Analysis

Smart-Money magazine evaluated 65 metropolitan areas to determine where home values are headed. An ideal city would get a score of 100 if all factors measured were as favorable as possible. Areas with a score of 60 or greater are considered to be primed for price appreciation, and areas with a score of below 50 may see housing v

Multiple Regression Analysis and Hypothesis Test

Refer to the Baseball 2008 data, which report information on the 30 major league baseball teams for the 2008 season. Let the number of games won be the dependent variable and the following variables be independent variables: team batting average, number of stolen bases, number of errors committed, team ERA, number of the home r

Barb's Cool Cars, Inc.: Cost Accounting

(file is attached for better format and use in computations) Cost functions, choosing cost drivers using Excel regression analysis, and scatter plot You have been hired by Barb's Cool Cars, Inc., to help them analyze their cost accounting function. Barb opened her business in the early 1980s, making reproductions of class

Regression Analysis and Hypothesis Test

The Director of a Real Estate Economics consulting firm is hired to determine better ways property values. However, the clients do not have background in statistics. In order to analyze the data (and get their questions answered), they have hired you as a statistical consultant to answer these questions: Run a complete m

Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Regression.

Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Regression. I'd like to ask whether you think multiple regression (the use of more IV's) is always better than simple regression? Why or why not? What problems may exist with multiple regression that are not an issue for simple linear regression?

Time series using forecast accuracy and suitability of methods

Please see the three attached files. The requirement is the Question pdf file. You just need to answer all the questions and please clearly stated the question number in front of the analysis. In each question they will ask you to forecast the time series with different methods. Examples are given there like 6 MV, 12 MV, naï

Biostatistics - Multiple Regression Analysis

See attached files. This is an exercise requiring multiple regression analysis to be used. Details of requirements are in "The task" section of attached Asst7 document. Attached documents: 1. Asst7 = description and requirements 2. asst7.csv = dataset to be used for analysis 3. Lab manual.pdf = see

Regression Analysis using dummy variables

See attached file. Please see attached Xls file associated with this problem. Create dummy variables for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. · Create dummy variables 09/24/2008, 11/14/2008 and 11/17/2008. · Create time variable t starting with t =1 for 08/18/2008 to t =70 for 11/21/2008. · Run multiple

Best Buy

Problem Set 4 Introduction You work in the shipping and logistics department for Beast Buy, an American mail order company that specializes in pet food for VERY exotic pets. Beast Buy has four warehouses/distribution centers that provide product to each of four different regions in the US; Atlanta services the southeast, Bos

Question about Linear Regression and Correlation

City planners believe that larger cities are populated by older residents. To investigate the relationship, data and population and median age in ten large cities was collected. City Population ( In millions) Median Age Chicago Il 2.833 31.5 Dallas Tx 1.233

Regression analysis

In regression analysis, the existence of a significant pattern in successive values of the error term constitutes: a) heteroskedasticity b) autocorrelation c) multicollinearity d) nonlinearities e) a simultaneous equation relationship

6 Statistics multiple choice questions: Correlation and Regression

Please see attached and calculate summary output to answer the following questions: 1/ If the correlation between 2 variables is -.77 which is true. a/ There is a fairly strong negative linear relationship b/ An increase in one variable will cause the other variable to decline by 77% 2/Calculate the correlation coefficient

How to do a regression with ordinal and interval data.

I have interval and ordinal data and I want to know if the interval data makes a difference in the way ordinal data is presented. Below is a survey of teachers. On the left most column is the number of students the teacher mentored in the past year. On the right columns are ordinal rankings of students that the teachers fil

Regression Hypothesis Test Methods

Regression Hypothesis Test using Education vs. Experience and their relation to Salary Earnings: a. Formulate a hypothesis statement regarding your research issue. Please see attached excel worksheet for data. People who possess a Bachelor's degree earn a higher salary than those without a Bahelor's degree, we i