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Question about Linear Regression and Correlation

City planners believe that larger cities are populated by older residents. To investigate the relationship, data and population and median age in ten large cities was collected.

City Population ( In millions) Median Age
Chicago Il 2.833 31.5
Dallas Tx 1.233 30.5
Houston Tx 2.144 30.9
Los Angeles, Ca. 3.849 31.6
New York, NY. 8.214 34.2
Philadelphia, Pa. 1.448 34.2
Phoenix Az. 1.513 30.7
San Antonio Tx 1.297 31.7
San Diego Ca 1.257 32.5
San Jose Ca 0.930 32.6

A) Plot this data on a scatter diagram with the median age as the dependent variable.
B) Find the correlation coefficient.
C) A regression analysis was performed and the resulting regression equation is Median age = 31.4 + 0.272 population. Interpret the meaning off the slope.
D) Estimate the Median age for a city of 2.5 million people.
E) Here is the regression of the software output. What does it tell you?
F) Test at the .10 significance level whether there is a significant relationship between these two variables.

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