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    Logistic Regression

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    Please prepare a Logistic regression to see if a relationship between infection (or non infection) and the 4 assays for the populations.

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    Logistic regression
    Binomial (or binary) logistic regression is a form of regression which is used when the dependent is a dichotomy and the independents are of any type. Here HIV status is taken as the dependent variable. This variable is coded as binary. The HIV positive is codes as 1. The independent variables considered are CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES, WBC (X1000/ul) ,HB (g/dl),PLATELETS (x1000/ul) . These variable are the continuous predictors used in the logistic regression. Logistic regression can be used to predict a dependent variable on the basis of continuous and/or categorical independents and to determine the percent of variance in the dependent variable explained by the independents. Logistic regression makes no assumption about the distribution of the independent variables. They do not have to be normally distributed, linearly related or of equal variance within each group. The impact of predictor variables is usually explained in terms of odds ratios.
    Variables in the logistic regression model
    Variable Data Type
    Dependent HIV status Binary
    Independent CD4 % LYMPHOCYTES Continuous
    Independent WBC (X1000/ul) Continuous
    Independent HB (g/dl) Continuous
    Independent PLATELETS (x1000/ul) Continuous ...

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    The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of logistic regression analysis in Minitab. Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.