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Regression Analysis: Age of Bus Vs Maintenance Cost

8. The regional transit authority for a major metropolitan area wants to determine whether there is any relationship between the age of a bus and the annual maintenance cost. A sample of 10 buses resulted in the following data. (Use of TI - 83 plus calculator permited given that steps are provided).

Age of the Bus (yrs.) Maintenance Cost ($)

1 350
2 370
2 480
2 520
2 590
3 550
4 750
4 800
5 790
5 950

a) Develop the simple regression equation that best fits the data on maintenance costs of the busses.
b) Did the equation you developed provide a good fit to the observed data? Explain with statistical analysis.
c) Using your model, predict the maintenance cost that we should expect on busses that are 4 years old.

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