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    North-south airline Case

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    Case problem on North-south airline: Regression Analysis

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    1. Prepare a Peg Jone's response to Stephen Ruth.

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    Peg’s response to Stephen Ruth

    Using Excel, four regression equations are developed for the Cost Vs Age. Following are the equations:

    For Northern Airlines:

    Airframe maintenance cost = 36.097 + Average fleet age * 0.0026
    Coefficient of Correlation, r=0.877
    Coefficient of Determination, r2 = 0.769

    Engine maintenance cost = 20.571 + Average fleet age * 0.0026
    Coefficient of Correlation, r=0.783
    Coefficient of Determination, r2 = 0.612

    It can be seen from the r2 value of 0.769 that there is a moderate relationship between the Air frame maintenance cost and the Air fleet age. This means that Air fleet age determines only 76.9% of variation ...

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