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Quantative Analysis of Data

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Problem Set 1 The next tab contains data on a sample of 1080 salespeople from a large electronics retail company. The dataset contains the following variables: Sales: Total sales (in $) by each salesperson last year Department: What department (home electronics, computers, etc) the salesperson works in. Year born: The y

The CEO asked you to put together a report consisting of the following sections ... analyzing mean and standard deviation, sample size, confidence intervals, correlation, t-test, control chart

**SUMMARY OF PROBLEM:** Section A: The company is thinking of launching a new product line and wishes to assess the likely response from regular customers. 1.What was the data mean or average satisfaction score? 2.What was the mode? 3.What was the median? 4.What was the standard deviation? 5.Which of the statistica

Quantitative Methods

Explain the characteristics of integer programming problems. Give specific instances in which you would use an integer programming model rather than an LP model. Provide real-world examples. Explain how the applications of Integer programming differ from those of linear programming. Why is "rounding-down" an LP solutio

Quantitative analysis

12-14 Jean Walker is making plans for spring break at hte beaches in Florida. In applying techniques she learned in her quantitative methods class, she has identified the activities that are necessary to prepare for her trip. The following table lists the activities and the immediate predecessors. Draw the network for this pro

A recent study of the life span of portable compact disc players

Portable CD Player Lifetimes A recent study of the life span of portable compact disc players found the average to be 3.7 years with a standard deviation of 0.6 year. If a random sample of 32 people who own CD players is selected, find the probability that the mean lifetime of the sample will be less than 3.4 years. If the m

Clues in Data: Distribution of heights, weights, mean, median of students

See attached file for problem and data. Problem 1: Show the distribution of heights visually. Can you draw any conclusions? What does it mean to "show the distribution...visually?" What specific tool in Chapter 1 gives a picture of the data distribution? Problem 2: Describe the distribution of weights with the Five Numb

Quantitative Analysis

The economists in the Obama administration suggested that the stimulus package that they recommended in early 2008 would keep unemployment under eight percent. Even though they did not show us their analysis, we all know that it was flawed because unemployment reached ten percent in 2010. Were their econometric models improper

Statistics: Correlation Coefficient, Probability and Measurement

See the attached file. Q1) The diastolic blood pressure, x, and the systolic blood pressure, y, were recorded for 13 females. x 76 70 82 90 68 60 62 60 62 72 68 80 74 y 122 102 118 126 108 130 104 118 130 116 102 122 120 Find the correlation coefficient (and all related values) for these data: Q2) Suppose a cert

1-2 business statistics

1-2 A national homebuilder builds single family homes and condominiums style townhouses. The excel file shows information on selling price, lot cost, type of home, and region of the country (M-Midwest and S-South) for closings during one month. Use PivotTables to find the average selling price and lot cost for each type of ho

Statistics-Osteoporosis: Women's age & bone density losses

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone density decreases, often resulting in broken bones. Bone density usually peaks at age 30 and decreases thereafter. To understand more about this condition a random sample of women aged 50 and over were recruited. Each woman's bone density loss and age are recorded in file Xr04-83. a) Co

Descriptive statistics for business students

I need the simplest step by step directions for the following word problem. Management of a grocery store recorded the number of coupons redeemed by customers during a recent double coupon sale. The data is presented below. # of coupons f 0-4 15 5-9 9 10-14 6

Sales data for manufacturer of ready to eat cereal, volume differences

Assume you are a marketing analyst working for a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal. You are given detailed sales data for the past year and asked to create a report showing the differences between the four sales regions (north, south, east, and west) in terms of sales volume, profitability, and changes in sales volume and prof

Density function statements

True or False (1, 2) 1. If a continuous random variable X has zero mean, then its density f(x) has to be strictly positive at zero. 2. If f(x) is a density function on [0,1], then integral 0 to 1 f^2 (x) dx < infinity. 3. A density function is verbally described as follows: it is zero for x < 1, rises linearly between 1 a

Descriptive Statistics, Correlation, T-Test, ANOVA

This exercise requires you to use an electronic spreadsheet, such as Microsoft's Excel, to compute information about a data set. The data set is shown in Table 1 below. There are three groups in the complete data set: Group 1 Learning via the Lecture method of instruction Group 2 Learning via the Cooperative method of inst

Real life examples that include the mode, median, and the mean

- Think about how statistics often is concerned with estimating the center of a distribution by using the mean, median, and sometimes the mode. - Bring to mind a real-world example in which one measure of central tendency provides useful information for the example while another measure of central tendency provides meaningles


1. Use Excel in 1(a) The following data give the times in seconds between the incoming telephone calls to a medical practice in the time period from opening at 8am to 9am. 2 10 6 8 21 18 11 17 10 9 14 17 6 13 11

Statistics: Modify a formula, standard deviation, group designs, critical value

Clarifying the Steps - Chapter 9 9.2. Why do we modify the formula for calculating standard deviation when using t tests (and divide by N - 1)? 9.4. Explain why the standard error for the distribution of sample means is smaller than the standard deviation of sample scores. 9.8. Distinguish between within-group designs

Sample Range, Variance, and SD for the Data Series

Sample Data Description. United Package Service, Inc., delivers small parcels to business addresses in the Greater Detroit area. To learn more about the demand for its service, UPS has collected the following data on the number of deliveries per week for a sample of six customers: 3 4 5 6 2 4 A. Calculate the mean,

Mean, Standard Deviation, Approximate Value, Percentile Rank

See the attached files. Also, please see the formula sheet and standard normal distribution table to be used. Only use a scientific or graphing calculator (Excel does not help me) and please show all working out. Question 1 The following data set represents the oxygen uptake values for a random sample of 12 middle ag

About two-thirds of US households purchase ground coffee: What is the cost?

See attached file. In recent years, about two-thirds of US house holds purchased ground coffee. Consider the annual ground coffee expenditures for households purchasing ground coffee. Assuming that these expenditures are approximately distributed as a normal random variable with a mean of $65.16 and a standard deviation of $

Statistics: Test freshmen and juniors for stressful events

Reasearchers were interested in examining the number of stressful events experienced by college students. They collected data from 2 groups of students: freshmen and juniors. The instrument they used to collect the data was a simple checklist that asked the student to check every item that that has occurred to you in the last th

Calculating the Average Availability of a System

Question: A system has a constant failure rate lambda = 0.0002 failures/hour. When an item fails, it is repaired to be as good as new condition. The associated mean downtime is 6 hours. The system is supposed to be in continuous operation. a) Find the Aav average availability of the system. b) How many hours per year will

Statistical Analysis: Graphical Representation of Data and Report

Federal Aviation Administration In January 2003, the FAA ordered that passengers be weighed before boarding 10-19 seat passenger airplanes. The order was instituted in response to a crash that occurred on January 8, 2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina, in which all 21 passengers, including the pilot and co-pilot, of a 19-seat