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Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

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Work with the data file "cjgss1.sav".
1. Examine the meaning (in "Label") and values of the following four variables: "hit", "gun", "burglar" and "robbry"; answer the following questions:
o How are these variables similar?
o Describe how these variables are coded (i.e., their values).
o What concept will a combination of these four variables possibly measure?
Create a composite index from these four variables in the "Transform" menu. (Hint: you must first recode value "2" into "0" for all these variables and assign both "8" and "9" as missing). Give the new variable a proper name without exceeding 8 letters.
Perform a frequency table in the "Analyze" menu for the new variable and report the valid percentage distribution for each category. Explain the meaning of each numerical value.

Submit your responses using MSWord. Copy and paste any data or tables into one MSWord document. Label each section clearly. For written answers, please make sure your responses are well written, use APA formatting

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Solution Summary

Step by step method for computing descriptive statistics in SPSS is given in the answer.

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