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Quantative Analysis of Data

Variance and Standard Deviation of Weights

Collect data consisting of at least 20 values. (You may also create a data set with reasonable values for your variable). The values are given represent the weights of the 20 kids in the first grade class room: 36, 36, 37, 37, 38, 38, 41, 41, 41, 42, 42, 42, 42, 43, 44, 44, 44, 45, 45, 45, a.Define the variable - the weight

Quantitative Methods

Molly Dymond and Kathleen Taylor are considering the possibility of teaching swimming to kids during the summer. A local swim club opens its pool at noon each day, so it is available to rent during the morning. The cost of renting the pool during the 10-week period for which Molly and Kathleen would need it is $ 1,700. The po

Quantitative Methods

Kim Davis has decided to purchase a cellular phone, but she is unsure about which rate plan to select. The "regular" plan charges a fixed fee of $55 per month for 1,000 minutes of airtime plus $0.33 per minute for any time over 1,000 minutes. The "executive" plan charges a fixed fee of $100 per month for 1, 200 minutes of airt

Math questions

Assignment : Baseball 2005... Northewest Airlines.. Grocery Stores... Health Costs ... Major League ... Income Spent on Housing... I edited the remaining questions (Please see the attached file)

Hypothesis Testing Using One Variable's Data

Task: Perform hypothesis testing on one variable's data. (Choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic column.) Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement, choosing an acceptable significance value, determining the appropriate critical value, selecting the test statistic and determining its value from the sa

Risk and Return: Expected, Deviation, Probabilities

7.3 Expected returns: You have chosen biology as your college major because you would like to be a medical doctor. However, you find that the probability of being accepted into medical school is about 10 percent. If you are accepted into medical school, then your starting salary when you graduate will be $300,000 per year.

Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research has been rating television programs for nearly 50 years. Nielsen uses several sampling procedures, but its main one is to track the viewing pattern of 5000 households. These contain over 13,000 people and are chosen from a cross section of the overall population. The households represent various locations,

Descriptive Stats

(a) Use Excel to prepare an appropriate type of chart (bar, line, pie, scatter) to display the following data. (b) Would more than one kind of display be acceptable? Why or why not? U.S. Fatal Crash Statistics, 2000 Fatal Age Group Percent of Drivers Percent of Fatal Crashes 15-20 6.8 14.6 21-2

Statistics Problems

1. A data set has a mean of 40, median of 20, and a mode of 20. Would the data likely be a. Symmetrical b. Skewed 2. If the mean, mode, and median are the same value, you have a normal distribution a. True b. False 3. An average or mean can be misleading as to the actual distribution of the data a. True b. False 4

Mean and Standard Deviation

The following tables provide information about the top women-owned businessesin the U.S. The first table gives year 2000 revenue in millions of dollars and number of employees for Pennsylvania women-owned companies with year 2000 revenues of $70 million or higher. The second table gives the same information for Michigan women-

Independent and Dependent Variables of Experiments

Module 1 Define the concept of sampling error. Be sure that your definition includes the concepts of statistic and parameter. A research study comparing college alcohol use in the United States and Canada reports that more Canadian students drink but American students drink more. Is this study an example of an experiment why

MegaStat: Quiz Scores

Below you are given 25 numbers which represent the Quiz #1 scores of 25 students. Use MegaStat and provide a descriptive data analysis of the data set. Please note that you will need to enter the data set into MegaStat. Include at least the following, with specific references to the data, taken from the MegaStat output. 82

Statistics for Managers: Work-in-Process

In many manufacturing processes, the term work-in-process(WIP) is used. In a book manufacturing plant, the WIP represents the time it takes for sheets from a press to be folded, gathered, sewn, tipped on end sheets, and bound. The data contained below represent samples of 20 books at each of two production plants and the process

Importance of Studying Statistics

Please help answer the following questions - provide at least 300 words. 1) What are the reasons for studying statistics? 2) Select five random numbers between 70-100. Calculate the mean, and midrange of these numbers. Base on the calculations, which measure of central tendency best represents these numbers?

Survey results statistics for average order size

The preliminary survey results just came back on the specialty catalog project, and they look great! The average planned order size was $53.94, well above the $15 that was hoped for. The group leader will probably be delighted-- after all, $53.94 for each of the 1,300,000 target addresses comes out to over $70 million in avera

Determining Variance and Standard Deviation

1. The weights (in pounds) of a sample of five boxes being sent by UPS are: 12, 6, 7, 3, and 10. A. Compute the variance for this sample. Show your work. B. Compute the standard deviation for this sample. Show your work. 2. Suppose Babsie generated the following probability distribution: X P(X) 5 0.25 7 0.3 10 0.25

Computation for Teachers Salaries

See the attached file. A. Select the variable state salary for all three years and find the mean, median, and the standard deviation. B. Based on this sample information, develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the population mean yearly salary for all three years. C. Can we conclude that the mean salary for

Multiple Descriptive Statistics Questions

See the attached file. Question 1: In Data Set 11 of Appendix C of the textbook are recorded the inches of rain which fell on the different days of the week for the fifty-two weeks of one year in Boston. Use this data and a 10% significance level to test the idea that the average rainfall is not the same on all the days of

Defining Effect Size and Central Limit Theorem

1. Define Effect Size. Does increasing N increase Effect Size? Explain your answer with the Central Limit Theorem as your tool. 2. Assume that for the Quantitative GRE score, µ = 550 and σ = 50. A sample of 25 students take the GRE after ingesting marijuana, the killer weed. Their mean score is 530?less than a standa

Calculating the measures of central tendency and skew.

You have administered a standardized test of manual dexterity to two groups of 10 semi skilled workers. One of these two groups of workers will be employed by you to work in a warehouse with many fragile items. The higher the manual dexterity of a worker the less likelihood that worker will break significant inventory. Becaus

Descriptive Statistics: sample mean, median, mode and range

At the start of the 1999 NCAA men's basketball tournament, 64 teams were invited to compete for the national championship. Below is the number of victories that a sample of 8 of these teams had obtained during the regular season: 32 12 28 22 20 25 22 19 1) What is the sample mean number of regular season victories? 2)

Central Tendency in Statistics

A researcher conducted a study to record the colors of students' eyes. The appropriate measure(s) of central tendency is (are): A) The mode B) The median C) The mean D) Both the mode and the median

Central tendency

Using the Cheerio-Paste data 1. Show three measures of central tendency for the dependent variable. 2. Is this distribution skewed? If so, in what direction? Explain your answer. 3. Why would you NOT attempt to determine the central tendency of the independent variables? 4. Determine the mean scores for men versus

Methods of Computation

11. For the following scores, find the (a) mean, (b) median, (c) sum of squared deviations, (d) variance, and (e) standard deviation: 2, 2, 0, 5, 1, 4, 1, 3, 0, 0, 1, 4, 4, 0, 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1, 0 12. For the following scores, find the (a) mean, (b) median, (c) sum of squared deviations, (d) variance, and (e) standard devia

Distribution skewness

For air travelers, one of the biggest complaints is of the waiting time between when the airplane taxis away from the terminal until the flight takes off. This waiting time is known to have a skewed-right distribution with a mean of 10 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. Suppose 100 flights have been randomly sampled

Descriptive Statistics - Salaries for the New York Yankees

I can figure out the mean and the median, but I am very unclear as to what or how I am supposed to figure out the Pearson's method. Can someone help me? 106. Listed below are the salaries for the New York Yankees for the year 2000. The salary information is reported in millions of dollars. $9.86 $9.50 $8.25 $6.25 $6.