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    Man-hours for completing a job; man-hours lost to accidents

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    Two workers on the same job show the following results over a long period of time.

    Worker Worker
    A B
    Mean time of completing the job (minutes) 30 25
    Standard deviation (minutes) 6 4

    a. Which worker appears to be more consistent in the time he requires to complete the job? Explain.

    b. Which worker appears to be faster in completing the job? Explain.

    Suppose the manager of a plant is concerned with the total number of man-hours lost due to accidents for the past 12 months. The company statistician has reported the mean number of man-hours lost per month but did not keep a record of the total sum. Should the manager order the study repeated to obtain the desired information? Explain your answer clearly.

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    1. The given data can be summarized as follows.

    Worker A Worker B
    Mean 30 ...

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    The man-hours for completing a job and the man-hours to accidents are determined.