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    Levels of Measurement

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    Levels of Measurement/Scaling

    Identify which level of scaling is present in the examples below

    N = Nominal, O = Ordinal, I = Interval, R = Ratio

    _____ A high temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit
    _____ A survey result that 24 students work full time, 36, part time.
    _____ Bill is consistently rated most effective communicator of his group.
    _____ Gallup says that 60% of the voters support the incumbent.
    _____ Pick up three pounds of ground beef please.
    _____ Patty acts as expected based on her first-born family position.
    _____ Seattle at an altitude of 67 feet is higher than Death Valley at an altitude of â?" 120.
    _____ The door is 37 inches wide, the door frame is 36 inches wide.

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    Here I will first define each of the levels of scaling:

    Nominal - labels or types (described with words)
    Ordinal - in an order or rank (first, second, third...)
    Interval - a quantitative measurement where the ...

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    The expert identifies which level of scaling is present in examples.