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Quantative Analysis of Data

Central tendency

Using the Cheerio-Paste data 1. Show three measures of central tendency for the dependent variable. 2. Is this distribution skewed? If so, in what direction? Explain your answer. 3. Why would you NOT attempt to determine the central tendency of the independent variables? 4. Determine the mean scores for men versus

Methods of Computation

11. For the following scores, find the (a) mean, (b) median, (c) sum of squared deviations, (d) variance, and (e) standard deviation: 2, 2, 0, 5, 1, 4, 1, 3, 0, 0, 1, 4, 4, 0, 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1, 0 12. For the following scores, find the (a) mean, (b) median, (c) sum of squared deviations, (d) variance, and (e) standard devia

Distribution skewness

For air travelers, one of the biggest complaints is of the waiting time between when the airplane taxis away from the terminal until the flight takes off. This waiting time is known to have a skewed-right distribution with a mean of 10 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. Suppose 100 flights have been randomly sampled

Descriptive Statistics - Salaries for the New York Yankees

I can figure out the mean and the median, but I am very unclear as to what or how I am supposed to figure out the Pearson's method. Can someone help me? 106. Listed below are the salaries for the New York Yankees for the year 2000. The salary information is reported in millions of dollars. $9.86 $9.50 $8.25 $6.25 $6.

Computing costs: cost of capital and cost of equity.

Rayburn Manufacturing, Inc., is currently an all-equity firm that pays no taxes. The market value of the firm's equity is $2 million. The cost of this unleveraged equity is 18 percent per annum. Rayburn plans to issue $400,000 in debt and use the proceeds to repurchase stock. The cost of debt is 10 percent per annum. After Ra

Some graphical LPP problems

Please show all work, Thanks ---------------------------------------------------- 1. A clothier makes coats and slacks. the two resources are wool cloth and labor. The clothier has 150 square yards of wool and 200 hours of labor available. Each coat requires 3 square yards of wool and 10 hours of labor, whereas each pair

Examine measures of central tendency within a study

A research team at a large university hospital has just completed a pilot study of an innovative new treatment that is intended to be used to treat patients in the later stages of prostate cancer. They had 12 patients, males, ranging in age from 47 to 73. All had been diagnosed as in stage 4 of the disease within 4 weeks of agre

Statistics definitions/questions

- what is a z-test? - what is the difference between a t-distribution and a normal distribution - provide an example. - 50 samples of a certain brand of headphones is taken from a Radio Shack warehouse. A standard deviation of 5 is assessed. What is the standard error of the mean? - to what type of binomial problem would we a

Analysis of Customer's Incomes

You are interested in the incomes of your corporate customers. A sample of your customer's incomes yields the following distribution of incomes: $100,000, $200,000, $200,000, $300,000, $300,000, $300,000, $400,000, $400,000, and $500,000. 1) What is the appropriate measure of central tendency and why? 2) What is the appr

Evaluate the effectiveness of a large freezer

INSTRUCTION: StatPro [or similar excel addin programs] generates new sheets for each problem and deletes previous sheets with the same name. If you want to keep a sheet for your solution, then rename it immediately by prefixing the problem number. You may need suffix numbers to keep the names unique. FACTS: The manager o

Constructing ¯X and R charts in Excel for given data

I need help setting up and solving the following problem in excel. The problem with all necessary data are contained in the attached excel spread sheet. MegaStat or similar excel add-in program may be used for the solution. INSTRUCTIONS: StatPro [or other excel statsitics program] generates new sheets for each problem a

Estimate and interpret a population variance

With the data below can you tell me how I would estimate and interpret a population mean with the population standard deviation unknown. Title Gross ($) in Millions Aliens 81.843 Armageddon 194.125 As Good As It Gets 147.54 Braveheart 75.6 Chasing Amy 12.006 Contact 100.853 Dante's Peak 67.155 Deep Impact 140.424

Survey on Population of American Intellectual Union

Details: The data set for our course is a sample of a survey conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union (AIU). It is available via the following link: DataSet with DataSet Key which contains the following nine sections of data that will be used throughout our course: (1) Gender (2) Age (3) Department (4)

Measuring Central Tendency

This Discussion will give you the opportunity to calculate or identify the three measures of central tendency. Select an appropriate real life situation where one measure would be more appropriate than the other two measures of center. a. Select a common topic or hypothesis and record the topic in your posting, for exa


TRUE OR FALSE 1._____The arithmetic mean is the sum of the observations divided by the total number of observations. 2._____There are always as many values above the mean as below it. 3._____The standard deviation is the positive square root of the variance. It is a measure of dispersion in the same units as the ori

Statistic & Math Solve ... (Please see the attached file)

Math & Statistics help. Please provide clear answers and include explanation in excel or word doc. Solve ... Petrolium pollution in oceans stimulates ... Find the Standard deviation of this sample of numbers ... A major car company in Chicago has computed ... (Please see the attached file)

The Mean, Median and Mode of Newspaper Subscriptions

Find the mean, median, and mode of the data set. 18 25 19 19 23 22 19 23 21 19 The following frequency distribution shows the number of newspaper subscriptions per household for a sample of 60 households. Find the mean number of subscription per household. Number of newspapers 0 1 2 3 4 5 Frequency 11 20 16 6 5 2

Statistics: The Mean Diastolic Blood Pressure

Confidence interval for the population mean: Use of the standard normal Scenario: The mean diastolic blood pressure for a random sample of 90 people was 92 millimeters of mercury. If the standard deviation of individual blood pressure readings is known to be 12 millimeters of mercury, find a 90% confidence interval for the tr

Statistics and Excel Formulas

The manager of a fast-food establishment periodically monitors various aspects of its operations, including service time, i.e., the time (in seconds) between placing and receiving an order. Below are the service times for a sample of 48 recent drive-through customers. 84 78 76 95 84 101 91 78 121 99 104 95 74 8

Qualitative variable and quantitative variable

Can you please provide one example of a Qualitative data and one example of a Quantitative Data that you face daily? Please explain why it is a Quantitative or Qualitative data and describe the scale of measurement .

Computing mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation

1. The ages of all the patients in the isolation ward of the hospital are 38, 26, 13, 41, and 22. What are the population mean, variance, and standard deviation? 2. The weights of a sample of seven FedEx shipments, to the nearest pound, are 10, 7, 11, 10, 13, 5, and 4. Compute the sample mean, the median, and the moda

Quantitative methods - Expressing Constraint into algebraic expressions

Please see attached document for complete details, some of the signs may not print here. 1. Constraint Assume that x2, x7 and x8 are the dollars invested in three different common stocks from New York stock exchange. In order to diversify the investments, the investing company requires that no more than 60% of the dollars i