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Quantative Analysis of Data

Statistical Techniques: Problem 88, 56, 64, 18, 22

Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics Problem 88 (Ch3) Refer to the Baseball 2005 data, which reports information on the 30 major league teams for the 2005 baseball season. Select the variable team salary and find the mean, median, and the standard deviation. Select the variable that refers to the age the stad

Difference in treatment effects

For the data in the following matrix: no treatment treatment overall m=4 male m=5 m=3 female m=9 m=13 overall m=11 -------------------------------------------------------------------- overall m=7 overall m=8 a) describe

Statistical Calculations for Initiation into the Cardinal Club

Nine college juniors are aspiring to become members of the hallowed Cardinal Club at LSU. Successful initiation involves accurately performing a series of rituals involving ordered mental and physical tasks, which include sips of beer at certain points, after initially having consumed six beers. Every time a participant botche

TCO 2: The Heights of 10 Sixth Graders Are Listed in Inches

TCO 2) The heights of 10 sixth graders are listed in inches: {53, 61, 54, 60, 58, 62, 55, 58, 59, 56}. (a) Find the mean, median, mode, sample variance, and range. (b) Do you think that this sample might have come from a normal population? Why or why not?

Statistics: Compare 3 treatments and compute SS

The following data represent the results from an independent-measures study comparing three treatments. a) compare ss for the 3 set treatment means.(use the three means as a set of n=3 score and compare ss) b) using the result from part a compute n(ss means) c) now compute ss between with the computational formula using the

Define the Four Levels of Data

Please help with the following problem involving analysis of data. Provide at least 400 words in this posting. No references are requested. What are the four levels of data? Indicate them along with a definition of each in order from lowest to highest.

Cardinal Club: Exercise on measures of central tendency and variations.

A group of college students made the decision to attempt to join the infamous Cardinal Club. The initiation into the Cardinal Club involves consuming six beers and then performing a series of hand and spoken rituals which the 'candidate' is shown and allowed to practice a couple of times before the beginning of the initiation.

Speedy Lube: Length of Time to Complete a Service Oil Change

The length of time to do a complete full service oil change at Speedy-Lube is normally distributed with a mean of 15.8 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. X P(X < x) P(X > x) Mean Std dev 11 .0146 .9854 15.8 2.2 15 .3581 .6419 15.8 2.2 21 .9910 .0090 15.8 2.2 24 .9999 .0001 15.8 2.2 p(lower) p(upper)

Cardinal Club Candidates: Exercise on measure of central tendency and variation.

A group of college students made the decision to attempt to join the infamous Cardinal Club. The initiation into the Cardinal Club involves consuming six beers and then performing a series of hand and spoken rituals which the 'candidate' is shown and allowed to practice a couple of times before the beginning of the initiation.

Stem plot and standard deviation

Make a stem plot to check if there are no major departures from Normality. What proportions of the scores are within on standard deviation and within two standard deviations of the mean? What would these proportions be in exactly Normal distribution?

Statistics: Mean, Median, and Range of Two Data Sets

For the following exercise, complete the following: Find the mean, median, and range for each of the two data sets. Find the standard deviation using the rule of thumb for each of the data sets. Compare the two sets and describe what you discover. The following data sets shows the ages of the first seven president

Bio-statistics/ Select the appropriate statistical test

Tables is already done in attachment ... Select the appropriate statistical test that allows you to conduct an analysis of the factors affecting hospital costs. You will have to select the correct statistical test and conduct that test in Excel. 1. analyze your data and produce a 250-word summary describing the major find

General Questions about Descriptive Statistics

1. Compare and contrast the advantages and/or disadvantages of using a bar chart, a pie chart, or a Pareto diagram. 2. Discuss the differences among the mean, median, and mode. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 3. Explain how the empirical rule helps explain the ways in which the values in a set of numeric

Skewness of a Distribution

I need help understanding the attachment. --------------------- The distribution shown below has a positive skew. The mean is larger than the median. [See attachment] The distribution shown below has a negative skew. The mean is smaller than the median. [See attachment]

Optimal transportation schedule for projectors

After some special presentations, the employees of the AV Center have to move overhead projectors back to classrooms. The table below indicates the buildings where the projectors are now (the sources), where they need to go (the destinations), and a measure of the distance between sites. Destination Source Business Ed

Statistics: Test AIU data for job satisfaction

See attached data file. Using AIU's survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following requirements in the form of a report: Perform a two-tailed hypothesis test on the intrinsic variable AND a two-tailed hypothesis test on the extrinsic variable's data using a .05 significance level. Begin by creating a null

Analyze real estate data for homes sold in Denver

87. Refer to the Real Estate data, which reports information on homes sold in the Denver, Colorado, area last year. a. Select the variable selling price. 1. Find the mean, median, and the standard deviation. 2. Write a brief summary of the distribution of selling prices. b. Select the variable referring to the area of the

Statistics problems: 12, 59, 106, 297, 292, 295, 299

12. A specialty bookstore concentrates mainly on used books. Paperbacks are $1.00 each, and hardcover books are $3.50. Of the 50 books sold last Tuesday morning, 40 were paperback and the rest were hardcover. What was the weighted mean price of a book? 59. A major cost factor in the purchase of a home is the monthly loan paym

Find average sale, standard deviation, standard error for recent billings

Chapter 8 Book Practical Business Statistics 5th edition Andrew F. Siegel Problem 31 Here is a list of the dollar amounts of recent billings: $994, $307, $533, $443, $646, $148, $307, $524, $71, $973, $710, $342, $494 a. Find the average sale. What does this number represent? b. Find the standard deviation. What does

Weighted mean of investment per employee

According to the Scranton Edison Company, utility-plant investment per employee was approximately $453,300; $492,400; $498,900; $531,900; $553,900; and $573,300 for the years 1996 through 2001, respectively. The number of employees working at the plant at the end of the year was 3,876; 3,874; 4,115; 4,252; 4,364; and 4.428, resp

Mean of Poisson Random Variable

Let X and Y be two jointly distributed random variables with joint characteristic function Where &#945;, &#946;, and &#947; are positive constants. Y is a Poisson random variable with what mean?

Statistical Analysis

Details: The data set for our course is a sample of a survey conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union (AIU). It is available via the following link: Excel 2007 DataSet with DataSet Key which contains the following nine sections of data that will be used throughout our course: (1) Gender (2) Age (3) Depa

Higher Wages vs. Education Level Among Employees In A Company

Please provide an example on higher wages vs. education level using a sample population of 30 men and women. Include the following: 1) Calculate the measures of central tendency, dispersion, and skew for your data. 2) Display your descriptive statistical data using graphic and tabular techniques. a) Line graph