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Calculating descriptive statistics

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A group of college students made the decision to attempt to join the infamous Cardinal Club. The initiation into the Cardinal Club involves consuming six beers and then performing a series of hand and spoken rituals which the 'candidate' is shown and allowed to practice a couple of times before the beginning of the initiation. Standing members are allowed to make attempts to verbally interfere with the 'candidate' during the initiation. The candidate's task is to perform the hand and spoken rituals perfectly and in order after the beers and in the face of verbal interference of standing members. It requires a fairly good resistance to alcohol, mental concentration, and some very good fine motor coordination. If the candidate messes up, he or she has to chug the beer they are currently sipping and start all over again with a new beer. Needless to say, the initiation is done in a protective environment and there is a limit to how many times a candidate may start over in one night. If they fail the night, they have to wait until the following semester to try again.

A group of candidates to attempt initiation into the Cardinal Club are noted below in terms of the number of beers they had to consume before they finally got the ritual right and gain admission.

Student Number of Beers
A 17
B 10
C 10
D 13
E 09
F 09
G 18
H 13
I 16

Calculate the following on the above data:
-Standard Deviation

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Solution Summary

Provides fully worked examples for calculating the major descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, variance).

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