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Quantative Analysis of Data

Probability & Measures of Central Tendency

Your specific assignment for this week is to select a type of quantitative data to collect from your own life. How many minutes does it take yo to get to work everyday. In a brief paper, describe the data you are going to collect. Start collecting data today so you have can have at least 10 observations, preferably mor

Variables in Baseline and Post Test

1. The researchers analyzed the data they collected as though it were at what level of measurement? a.Nominal b.Ordinal c.Interval/ratio d.Experimental 2. What was the mean posttest empowerment score for the control group? 3. Compare the mean baseline and posttest depression scores of the experimental group. Was this a

Correlation and Causality

Show all your work Problem 1) A sample of nine students is selected from among the students taking a particular exam. The nine students were asked how much time they had spent studying for the exam and the responses (in hours) were as follows: 18, 7, 10, 13 12, 16, 5, 20, 21 Estimate the mean study time of all students

Hunter Chemical Company: Quantitative Analysis

I need some help with the following: Hunter Chemical Company claims that its major product contains on the average 4.0 fluid ounces of caustic materials per gallon. It further states that the distribution of caustic materials per gallon is normal and has a standard deviation of 1.3 fluid ounces. a. What proportion of the

Interpreting Basic Statistics

Interpreting Basic Statistics You have been recently hired as a marketing analyst in an advertising agency. You are assigned the task of assessing the impact of direct marketing promotions. Your goal is to provide a valid assessment of the performance of individual campaigns, as well as objective and reliable cross-campaign c

Discussion question

Question 1 You are a manager working for an insurance company. Your job entails processing individual claims filed by policyholders. In general, few claims are expensive. Each quarter, you compile a report summarizing key claim statistics, such as the number of claims submitted, the average cost per claim, and the total cost

What are some concepts behind variance analysis?

What are some concepts behind variance analysis? Why is it important to test for variances in your data? Explain. How is variance analysis used in health care administration? Provide an example. Please provide references.

R Charts and Quality

The following are quality control data for a manufacturing process at Kensport Chemical Company. The data show the temperature in degrees centigrade at five point in time during a manufacturing cycle. The company is interested in using control charts to monitor the temperature of its manufacturing process. Construct the R chart.

Weighted Aggregate Price Index Question

Fresh fruit prices and quantity data for the years 1988 to 2001 follow (Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2002). Quantity data reflect per capita consumption in pounds and prices are per pound. Fruit 1988 per Capita Consumption (pounds) 1988 Price ($/pound) 2001 Price ($/pound) Bananas

Master Blend Coffee Production Process.

The following were collected for the Master Blend Coffee production process. The data show the filling weights based on samples of 3-pound cans of coffee. Use these data to construct the ? and R charts. What conclusions can be made about the quality of the production process?

Analysis of Theatres: Demographics and Revenue

Question 1: The CEO has asked you to do some basic statistical analysis of the theaters, looking at the relationship between some basic theatre-specific/demographic factors and theatre revenue. Most of the data is fairly easy (though time consuming and expensive) to get, but some members of your team are concerned about the di

Case Problem: Consumer Research, Inc.

Consumer Research, Inc., is an independent agency that conducts research on consumer attitudes and behaviors for a variety of firms. In one study, a client asked for an investigation of consumer characteristics that can be used to predict the amount charged by credit card users. Data were collected on annual income, household

Case Problem: Compensation for Sales Professionals

Case Problem: Compensation for Sales Professionals Suppose that a local chapter of sales professionals in the greater San Francisco area conducted a survey of its membership to study the relationship, if any, between the years of experience :low (1-10), medium (11-20 years), and high (21 or more years). A portion of the data

Standard Deviation and Investment

Please solve with the following problem. Provide step by step calculations with explanations. John is investing in the S&P 500. His expected return on the S&P 500 is 10% with a standard deviation of 4%. If John is investing $200,000, then what is the dollar range of returns that John can have with 90 percent confidence at th

Definitional formula given to find the derivative functions

Problem 1 Given y = f(x) = x2 + 2x +3 a) Use the definitional formula given below to find the derivative of the function. b) Find the value of the derivative at x = 3. Problem 2 Given, y = f(x) = 2 x3 - 3x2 + 4x +5 a) Use the Power function to find derivative of the function. b) Find the value of the derivative at x =

Issues finding the answers for a homework

Need help on how to solve some questions on my homework: 1. What type of graph can I use to recor the colors of students eyes? 2. In a pie graph displaying the number of pizzas sold one day, the number of pepperoni pizzas sold is represented by a 90° section. If there were 72 pizzas sold in total that day, how many were pepp

For this assignment, you will apply descriptive statistics to analyze data appropriate for real estate business decisions. The Florida Pool Home Data Excel file contains data for 80 properties

1. Calculate the mean, median, range, and standard deviation of home price and size. 2. Assume that the price for home number 66 had been mistyped as 427.9 instead of 247.9. Would the value of each of these statistics increase, decrease, or remain the same? Mean. Median. Range. Standard deviation. 3. Calculate th

Multiple Regression - New Question

For the Hospital Labor Needs Case (data set HospLab), use the dependent variable Monthly Labor Hours Required, y, and only the following 2 independent variables: Monthly X-Ray Exposures, x1, and Monthly Occupied Bed Days, x2. a. Description/Point Estimates: Central Tendency: write out the multiple regression equati

MBA Level Statistics

See the attached files. Have issues making sure these are correct. Must be answered in Excel. 1. A branch of chain of large electronics stores is conducting an end-of-month inventory of the merchandise in stock. There were 1546 items in inventory at that time. A sample of 50 items was randomly selected, and an audit was c

Information Research Design: WorldCat and ProQuest

1. Use WorldCat (in FirstSearch), a database selected in ProQuest, and ebrary to search for your topic. What is the major difference between WorldCat and the ProQuest database you selected? How does WorldCat differ from your local library catalog? Describe ebrary and how it differs from your local library catalog? 2. For Pro

Comparison of three search engines

The topic that I will be researching will be focused on the effectiveness of grass roots marketing campaigns for community colleges. 1. How do Google and Metacrawler compare to the Vivisimo search engine? 2. Compare the results of your search, not only in terms of the number of hits, but also in terms of the value of the i

Homework Help: Descriptive Statistics

[1] The computer giant IBM has 329,373 employees and 637,133 stockholders. A vice president plans to conduct a survey to study the number of shares held by individual stockholders. Are the numbers of shares held by stockholders discrete or continuous? Identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) f

Many times we have seen and heard of statistics being used inappropriately, especially within our government agencies. One particular agency out of the many others had given inappropriate reports on economic conditions based on the unemployment rate in the country. Often times, these reports only include the average number of individuals that are unemployed, the report fails to provide accurate information that reflects the reality. When the agency reported an unemployment rate of 9.1%, it failed to put into consideration those individuals that are underemployed or living below the poverty level, including all those individuals who have given up looking for jobs, nor the unemployment rates of minority segments of the population, which may be upwards by up to 20%. This is discouraging and disheartening when federal government agencies fail to deliver what it is expected to do to the population it serves, especially when it comes to the provision of vital and accurate data. QUESTION: The US government is the largest employer in America. It's a good point about the government 20% only including the unemployment and disability payouts. My question is what the "real" total?? 20% does not seem to be a large proportion of the total dollars. How is our 20% number compared to other countries and if it is, how is it related to population size like China, India, Pakistan, or how it is related to countries that have more social programs i.e., Sweden, Norway.

Many times we have seen and heard of statistics being used inappropriately, especially within our government agencies. One particular agency out of the many others had given inappropriate reports on economic conditions based on the unemployment rate in the country. Often times, these reports only include the average number of in

X R Control Chart for Large Hotel in a Resort Area

I have one more control chart which is a X R Chart. Prepare the chart and any information that should go along with it such as trends, runs, or is it out of control. (UCL, LCL) A large hotel in a resort area has a housekeeping staff who clean and prepare all of the hotel's guest rooms daily. In an effort to improve service th


Work with the data file "cjgss1.sav". 1. Examine the meaning (in "Label") and values of the following four variables: "hit", "gun", "burglar" and "robbry"; answer the following questions: o How are these variables similar? o Describe how these variables are coded (i.e., their values). o What concept will a combination of t

Calculate Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation.

In order to control costs. a company wishes to study the amount of money its sales force spends entertaining clients. The following is a random sample of six entertainment expenses (dinner costs for four people) from expense reports submitted by numbers of the sales force. Sales force numbers 157 132 109 145 125 139


I attached a file. I need your help and this file is very important to me. 1. Which of the following statements about descriptive statistics are correct? Why? a. All of the data is used to compute the mean b. The mean should be preferred to the median if the data are noticeably skewed c. The variance has the same units of