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Using Descriptive Statistics to Understand Sample Data

Task: You run a small Internet business and are concerned about customer support service levels on the Help Desk. You want to know how many calls per day are handled by your help desk staff. You collect the data at left over a 90-day period. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to make sense of this data. Use an appropriate graph also. Explain your findings so that your non-quantitative partner will understand them. (Use the sample data attached).

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Mean = 52.96666667
Mean is defined as the arithmetic average of data, that is, the sum of all the numbers divided by the number of observations contributing to that sum. The mean represents the balance point, or center of gravity of the distribution and it is the most common measure of central tendency.

Median = item when the items are arranged in ascending or descending order of magnitude.
= 49
Median is the middle most observation of the data, determined after all items are arranged in ...

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