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    Importance of Central Tendency and Dispersion in Statistics

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    Why do you think it is important to describe both the measure of central tendency and the measure of dispersion when talking about a data set?

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    It is important to use both central tendency and measure of dispersion when describing a data set because the entire data set can be summarized and described using just a few descriptive statistics. You take many values and collapse them into just a few numbers.

    Central tendency (mean, median and mode): These three commonly used measures of central tendency can describe entire data sets (consisting of a huge number of entries) into a single value. For instance, consider a situation where a researcher records the height of all the participants in a clinical trial. When this researcher wishes to communicate the ...

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    Including over 400 words, this response outlines the importance of using two descriptive statistics (central tendency and dispersion) to describe a data set. Real world examples are included to aid in understanding.