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multiple statistic problems

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Need help on how to solve some questions on my homework:
1. What type of graph can I use to recor the colors of students eyes?
2. In a pie graph displaying the number of pizzas sold one day, the number of pepperoni pizzas sold is represented by a 90° section. If there were 72 pizzas sold in total that day, how many were pepperoni
8. If the mean of a data set is 23.0 and the standard deviation is 10.0, what is the z-score for x =30.5
9. Determine the range for this data: -6, 2, -8, 3, 11
10. According to the Empirical Rule, the Range Rule of Thumb assumes the range of a set of data spans what percent of the distribution when estimating the standard deviation

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This solution covers problems including empirical rule, pie graph, range, standard deviation, z value and so on.

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Hi there,

Thanks for allowing me to work on your questions. Here are my answers:

1. Bar graph (available in excel program) can be used to record the colors of students eyes.
2. According to the information, the percentage of ...

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