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Hypothesis Testing and Multiple Regression Model

Please choose the correct answers and write briefly why:

For a given multiple regression model with three independent variables, the value of the adjusted multiple coefficient of determination is _________ less than R2.

a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Never
d. Can be greater or less depending on the standard error

27. Given the following information about a hypothesis test of the difference between two means based on independent random samples, what is the calculated value of the test statistic? Assume that the samples are obtained from normally distributed populations having equal variances.
HA: µ1> µ2, Xbar 1=12, Xbar 2=9, s1=5, s2=3, n1=13, n2=10.

a. t = 1.674
b. t = 1.501
c. t = 2.823
d. t = 1.063

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Step by step method for computing test statistic for independent sample t test is given in the answer.