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    Use excel solver to find the minimal cost

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    Andalus Furniture Company has two manufacturing plants, one at Aynor and another at Spartanburg. The cost in dollars of producing a kitchen chair at each of the two plants is given here.

    Aynor Cost = 75Q_1+ 5Q2/1 + 100
    Spartanburg Cost = 25Q_2+ 2.5Q2/2+ 150
    Q1 = number of Chairs produced at Aynor
    Q2 = Number of Chairs produced at Spartanburg

    Andalus needs to manufacture a total of 40 Kitchen Chairs to met an order just received. How many chairs should be made at Aynor and how many should be made at Spartanburg in order to minimize production costs.

    (Use excel solver)

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