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Quantative Analysis of Data

Descriptive Statistics Presentation

Look at the attached file, then prepare a 1,100 word paper addressing the topics below. 1. Calculate the measures of central tendency 2. Calculate the dispersion. Calculate the plus/minus 1,2, and 3 Sigma (standard deviation) ranges. 3. Display 3 different aspects of your descriptive statistical data using gr

Help With Statistics

1. What information does each measure of central tendency provide? 2. Why are measures of variability essential statistical tools for describing behavior? 3. How do standard scores assist you in determining relative standing and in making comparisons between groups? 4. What happens to the mean in a skewed distribution?

Hypothesis Estimations for Tax Refunds and Car Ownership

Question 3 You wish to estimate with 95 percent confidence the proportion of families that own two cars. a)How large a sample do you need if you allow an error of up to 2 percent in each direction? b)What will be the sample size if your prior estimate for p was 0.7? Question 4 A sample of 400 people getting a tax refu

Research Report

This is a project run preparing for the real project, we will not be gating graded on this however, it is to prepare for the final project. Can you help me on this one? I attached the problem as well as the data. Write a research report that answers these questions and any other questions, you want to add, to help your cli

Descriptive Statistics

Question 1 Use Excel & Put all related data in a single column. A. A headline in a newspaper reported that crime was on the decline. Listed below are the numbers of homicides from 1989-2005 Year Homicides Year Homicides 1989 21 1998 3

Quantitative vs. qualitative? level of measurement?

1. Consider the various variables in this Baseball 2005 data: Number of wins, team salary, season attendance, whether the team played its home games on a grass field or an artificial surface and the number of hits and runs. (a) Which of these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative? (b) Determine the levels o

Sampling Distribution of the Mean

Sampling Distribution of the Mean. See attached file for full problem description. The Golden Calendar Company has population of 16 customers. These customers are brokers who sell the calendars to stores and catalogs. The following data reflect the number of calendars sold to each of the 16 customers last year. Information

Statistics Problems

1. Indicate which would be the independent variable and which would be the dependent variable in each of the following: a. Score on the first test, Final grade b. Gas mileage, Car speed c. High school grade point average, Freshman College grade point average d. Crop yield, Rainfall 2. A math test was given with the foll

Empirical Rule

A samples contains 1,000 values. The histogram for this sample is bell-shaped. Approximately 950 values in the sample are known to be within $100 of the mean. Suppose the mean is $5,000. Use Empirical Rule to perform the following: a. calculate a value for the standard deviation. b. determine the data value that is 97.5 percen

Financial analysis

* Calculate the mean, median, range, variance, and standard deviation for revenues, profits, and employees. * Convert the data for each variable to a z-value, and compare BankTen to the average bank for each variable. * Identify the variable that had the greatest relative variation among the b

Standard Deviation

Using Excel, prepare a frequency distribution from the data you've been collecting. Calculate the Standard Deviation of your data. Is this a normal distribution? What are the implications?

Descriptive Statistics: Passing an Exam

A calculus instructor uses computer aided instruction and allows students to take the midterm exam as many times as needed until a passing grade is obtained. Following is a record of the number of students in a class of 20 who took the test each number of times. Students Number of tests 1

Sampling Distribution of sample mean

A population consists of the four numbers {0, 2, 4, 6}. Consider drawing a random sample of size 2 with replacement. (a) List all possible samples and evaluate for each. (b) Determine the sampling distribution of X. (c) Write down the population distribution and calculate its mean μ and standard deviation σ. (

Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data

Degrees of Freedom: Ten values have a mean of 75.0. Nine of the values are 62,78,90,87,56,92,70,70, and 93. a. Find the 10th value. b. We need to create a list of n values that have a specific known mean. We are free to select any values we desire for some of the n values. How many of the n values can be freely assigned

Measurement Scales

For the following measurement scales, indicate the measures of central tendency that are appropriate. a. nominal scale b. ordinal scale c. interval scale d. ratio scale

Statistics Problems: Standard Deviation & Regression Equation

An instructor wants to figure out if a student's score on the first exam is correlated with their score on the final exam or if they predict the final exam. Below are the figures for 10 randomly selected students from her class. (25 points) Student First Exam, Final Exam,

Quantitative Methods

The Willow Furniture Company produces tables. The fixed monthly cost of production is $8,000, and the variable cost per table is $65. The tables sell for $180 a piece. For a monthly volume of 300 tables, determine the total cost, total revenue, and profit. Determine the monthly break-even volume for the Willow Furniture

Standard Deviation & Bell-Shaped Curve

What does the standard deviation unit really represent? Is the distinction among various parts of the bell-shaped curve arbitrary or is there certain logical and rational principle involved that creates such distinctive demarcations shown in a chart like this?

How to Measure the Data That I Collected

1) Can you explain to me what categories and types of data I collected? 2) Would a frequency distribution table be appropriate for displaying my data? Please explain yes or no to help me understand. 3) Please show me how to create and submit an illustrative frequency table to show how such a table might look

Descriptive statistics and charts..

Part 1: (20 Points) Moore Travel Agency, a nationwide travel agency, offers special rates on certain Caribbean cruises to senior citizens. The president of Moore Travel wants additional information on the ages of those people taking cruises. A random sample of 70 customers taking a cruise last year revealed these ages. 57 77

Calculation of descriptive statistics and histogram in Excel.

Using the Excel program, enter the data below onto a worksheet. Then touch the Paste Function button on the toolbar. You'll get a menu. On the left side of the menu, select "Statistical." This will make the right side show all the statistical tests you can do with EXCEL. Pick "average" and it will calculate the mean, pick "stand

Pricing and Sales Volumes

The following uses the files EXAM.XLS and Developing_Country_Pricing.PDF. In this simulation, you are about start selling a new product, an MP3 player (YourPlayer). Management has provided you with a proforma income statement to help assess the viability of the product. They need your help to complete the income statement.

Quantitative analysis questions about research article.

Answer the following questions for the attached research article (Dormire, S.L. & Reame, N.K. 2003. Menopausal hot flash frequency changes in response to experimental manipulation of blood glucose. Nursing Research 52(5): 338-343.): 1. Problem What is the problem the study was conducted to resolve? Why is the problem an i

Probability Distributions - Scores

See the attached file. 1. The scores for an IQ test are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. If a person is selected at random, what is the probability that his IQ score will fall below 105 and will it be between 90 and 110. 2. An advertising company plans to market a product for low income

Construct the 90 percent confidence interval

A. Construct the 90 percent confidence interval for occupational prestige for respondents with only a high school diploma (N = 1,412). b. Construct the 90 percent confidence interval for occupational prestige for respondents with a bachelor's degree (N = 437). State in words the meaning of the result. c. Use these statistics

Descriptive Statistics

Use the given data to find each of the listed values 56 69 64 68 79 56 73 53 62 (a) Mean (b) Median (c) Mode (d) Midrange (e) P 80 (f) Standard Deviation (g) Variance Which is better: A score of 73 on a test with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 5 OR a score of 80 on a test