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Statistic Information MCQs

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1. A frequency distribution can be shown as
? a statistic
? a histogram
? a scatter plot
? a stem and leaf plot

2. Simple statistics are
? for simpletons
? presented in stem and leaf plots
? things like correlations
? things like standard deviations

3. What would you do with a median?
? Use it do show spread.
? Use it for normally distributed data.
? Cross it against oncoming traffic
? Indicate the middle of some data.

4. The following are measures of spread:
? standard deviation
? root mean square errors
? percentile ranges
? polyunsaturated margarine

5. Which arrow indicates the standard error of the estimate?

? A
? B
? C
? D

6. Confidence intervals...
? are a new form of sprint training.
? are calculated routinely by most stats packages.
? define the likely range of a population value.
? are inferior to p values for indicating magnitude of outcomes.
7. An outcome measured on a five-point scale (not at all to always)...
? is an example of an ordinal variable.
? has a behavior problem when it comes to residuals.
? should be analyzed by logistic regression.
? can be analyzed by ANOVA.
8. Dimension reduction
? describes loss of precision.
? describes factor analysis.
? is an example of ANOVA.
? is a weight-loss program.

9. Concerning reliability:
? It impacts most on descriptive studies.
? It can be expressed as an ICC.
? It can be expressed as a CV.
? It is quantified by 2-way ANOVA.

10. Concerning validity:
? It impacts most on descriptive studies.
? It is the correlation between true and observed values.
? A valid measure must be reliable.
? A reliable measure must be valid.

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