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Problem, hypothesis, ethics in gathering data.

Select a business problem that is based upon an experience from your place of work or home environment. Briefly describe the business problem and the research methodology that you would employ to gather data and test your hypothesis (which should also be stated). Describe the ethical considerations that you would need to make regarding the gathering, and use of, data for the purpose of your research. Indicate what special considerations you might need to make when gathering primary data.

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A problem that I have encountered in my work environment is the fact that people come to the office sick when they are contagious. They then spread their germs to the rest of the office. My last position was in a loft style office, where we were not able to open the windows. Germs would spread quickly. I have a lower immune system, and I would often catch whatever people were suffering from.

This becomes a problem since we only had 5 paid sick days. Once you go over your 5 days, you end up taking a salary cut, which is difficult.

As well, when people would come into the office sick, their productivity is lowered, they are less efficient, and work at a slower pace, and might make more errors.

This topic is especially relevant this year, with the outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus, which is very contagious, and people who catch the virus could be sick for over 1 week.

So this leads me to my business problem - workers come into the office when contagious, and spread their germs.

How would we formulate this into a hypothesis?

Ho: Workers take the proper number of sick days when they are ...

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