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Quantative Analysis of Data

Quantitative Methods

The following linear programming model formulation is used for the production of four different products, with two different manufacturing processes and two different material requirements. maximize Z = $50 X1 + 58 X2 + 46 X3 + 62 X4 subject to ***NOTICE- The x's have no. behind them that are lowered right cased numbers.

Quantitative Methods

Solve the model formulated in problem 11 for the Irwin Textile Mills graphically. a. How much extra cotton and processing time are left over at the optimal solution? Is the demand for corduroy met? ( Use SOLVER to solve) b. What is the effect on the optimal solution if the profit per yard of denim is increased from $2.2

Linear Programming - The Crumb and Custard Bakery

The Crumb and Custard Bakery makes coffee cakes and Danish in large pans. The main ingredients are flour and sugar. There are 25 pounds of flour and 16 pounds of sugar available and the demand for coffee cakes is 5. Five pounds of flour and 2 pounds of sugar are required to make a pan of coffee cake, and 5 pounds of flour and

Linear Programing and Integer programming problems

12. Betty Mallow, owner of the Eagle Tavern in Pittsburgh, is preparing for Super Bowl Sunday, and she must determine how much beer to stock. Betty stocks three brands of beer- yodel, shotz, and rainwater. The cost per gallon (to the tavern owner) of each brand is as follows: Brand Cost/Gallon Yodel $1.50 Shotz $0.90 Rainwat

Standard Deviation and t-test

Problem 1. Confidence Intervals: t tests. Digitized Documents, Inc., is a small but rapidly growing firm in the digitized document translation business. The company reads architectural and engineering drawings into a scanning device that translates graphic information into a digitalized format that can be manipulated on a person

Statistics: Mean, Mode, and Median

See attached files for full problem description. 1.Consider a sample with data values of 10, 20, 12, 17, and 16. Compute the mean and median. 5. The Dow Jones Travel Index reported what business travelers pay for hotel rooms per night in major US cities (The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2004). The hotel room rates for

Level of Measurement, continuous or discrete variable, statistic or parameter

Decide which of the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) is most appropriate for the following examples: 1. the sample of spheres categorized form softest to hardest 2. survey responses of "good, better, best" 3. ages of survey respondents 4. the temperatures of eight different plastic spheres

Quantitative Analysis - Toby's Trucking Company

Toby's Trucking Company determined that on an annual basis the is normally distributed with a mean of 50.0 thousand miles and a standard deviation of 12.0 thousand miles. a. What proportion of trucks can be expected to travel between 34.0 and 50.0 thousand miles in the year? b. What is the probability that a randomly sel

Quantitative Methods - machine shop

A machine shop owner is attempting to decide whether to purchase a new drill press, a lathe, or a grinder. The return from each will be determined by whether the company succeeds in getting a government military contract. The profit or loss from each purchase and the probabilities associated with each contract outcome are shown

Retread Tire Company Break Even

The Retread Tire Company recaps tires. The fixed annual cost of the recapping operation is $60,000. The variable cost of recapping a tire is is $9. The company charges $25 to recap a tire. Graphically illustrate the break even volume for the Retread Tire Company.

Quanitative Methods

An investor is considering two investments, an office building and bonds. The possible returns from each investment and their probabilities are listed as follows. Using expected value and standard deviation as a basis for comparison, discuss which of the two investments should be selected. Office Building

Quantitative Methods - Retread Tire Company

The Retread Tire Company recaps tires. The fixed annual cost of the recapping operation is $60,000. The variable cost of recapping a tire is is $9. The company charges $25 to recap a tire. A. For an annual volume of 12,000 tires, determine the total cost, total revenue, and profit. A. Formula is : Total cost = Fixed Cost +

Quantitative Analysis for Management

Using the stepping-stone method to solve a maximization problem, we would choose the route with the largest positive index. True or False Explain the answer.

Mean, Media, Mode - Calculations

Please explain the following: The difference between mean, median and mode, When each is appropriate to use, The relationship between variance and standard deviation, Why both measures are necessary, The relationship of these measures to estimation theory. Use the Sample Data to illustrate your points (ATTACHED).

SAT and ACT Tests

Scores by women on the SAT-I test are normally distributed with a mean of 998 and a standard deviation of 202. Scores by women on the ACT test are normally distributed with a mean of 20.9 and a standard deviation of 4.6. Assume that the two tests use different scales to measure the same aptitude. a. If a women gets a SAT sc

Mean Percentages

What is the meaning of mean percentages? Can you also give me an example to help me understand this?

Statistics: Confidence Interval Estimations

1. Use appropriate descriptive statistic to summarize the data on assets and yields for Money Market funds 2. Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean assets, mean 7-day yield, and mean 30-day yield for the population of money market funds. provide a managerial interpretation of each interval estimate. 3.

Determine Mean, Median, and Mode

Chapter 6: 6.21 "You think that your university bookstore is overcharging students. In researching this, you find the following data on the amount of money students spend on textbooks at other schools."

Kimball Products: Is There a Difference in the Commissions?

Kimble Products: Is There a Difference in the Commissions? At the January national sales meeting, the CEO of Kimble Products was questioned extensively regarding the company policy for paying commissions to its sales representatives. The company sells sporting goods to two major markets. There are 40 sales representatives who

Statistics Problems

2. Suppose your organization is committed to the promotion of public health in Boston, and your department specifically focuses on teenagers. With the permission of several area middle and high schools, your organization fielded a survey to a large group of students. The questionnaire included several health behavior related q

Statistics (Mean, Median, Variance: How much spent on junk food each week?

How do I calculate the: mean median standard deviation variance for: 70,5,20,55,25,10,2,15,80,50,0,38,25,0,4,5,100,125,100,20,27.5,15.25,10.25,40,25,15,20,20,25,15,10,25,15,25,15,19,10,5.5,12.5,20,35,12,15,15,10,60,20,3,45,5,20,7,20,9,15,35,50,25,25,0,3,3,10,10,0,0,5,1,30,70,5,7,10,5,25,15,30,20,10,8,12.5,10.5,12,20,15

Five-number summary of a set

Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers: 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27