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    Descriptive Statistics

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    Question 1:

    In Data Set 11 of Appendix C of the textbook are recorded the inches of rain which fell on the different days of the week for the fifty-two weeks of one year in Boston. Use this data and a 10% significance level to test the idea that the average rainfall is not the same on all the days of the week in Boston. In justifying your conclusion, include an explanation in plain English.

    Question 2:

    If you know that 45% of the human population has black hair, and if you happened across a group of 25 people of whom 17 had black hair, would you consider this group unusual?
    b. By what standard do you justify your answer to part (a)?

    Question 3:

    Here is a probability distribution for a random variable X, with the last line incomplete.
    x P(x)
    2 0.4
    3 0.1
    5 0.3

    a. Complete the last line of the table.
    b. Find the mean of the probability distribution.
    c. Find the standard deviation of the probability distribution.

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