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Quantative Analysis of Data

Confidence Intervals with Tootsie Rolls

Please help me answer these two questions and show your work. thanks. 1. A random sample of 10 miniature Tootsie Rolls was taken from a bag. Each piece was weighed on a very accurate scale. The results in grams were 3.087 3.131 3.241 3.241 3.270 3.353 3.400 3.411 3.437 3.477 (a) Construct a 90 percent confidence interval f

What is the true mean weight of the miniature tootsie rolls?

A random sample of 10 miniature tootsie rolls was taken from a bag, each piece was weighed on a very accurate scale. Results: 3.087 3.131 3.241 3.241 3.270 3.353 3.400 3.411 3.437 3.477 a) Construct a 90% confidence interval for the true mean weight. b) What sample size would be necessary to esti

Quantitative Methods Problem Solving

Please help with the following problems. The following table gives the marks (out of a total of 50 ) scored by 30 candidates in an examination : 5 5 7 10 10 11 12 15 16 17 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 21 26 26 27 28 30 30 33 36 37 37 40 45 1. Using class intervals equal to 5 marks, construct a less than cumulative frequency

Statistics Descriptive Analysis

#8. According to United Nations figures, the populations of the world's ten largest nations in 2000 (rounded to the nearest million inhabitants) were as follows: China, 1,278: India, 1014; United States, 278; Indonesia, 212; Brazil, 170; Pakistan, 156; Russia, 147; Bangladesh, 129; Japan, 127; and Nigeria, 112. Find the (a) mea

What is the Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation?

What is the Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation using the following: SAMPLE DATA: 2, 5, 7, 11, 12, 16, 16 1) What is the mean of X of the data above (TO THE NEAREST 1/10)? 2) What is the median of the data above? 3) What is the mode of the data above? 4) What is the standard deviation of the data ab

Calculation of geometric mean is discussed in the answer.

A recent article suggested that if you earn $25,000 a year today and the inflation rate continues at 3 percent per year, you'll need to make $33,598 in 10 years to have the same buying power. You would need to make $44,771 if the inflation rate jumped to 6 percent. Confirm that these statements are accurate by finding the geomet

Order and Reorder Quality

A company reserves a safety stock of 200 units of a certain item in its inventory. The annual demand for the item is 5000 units. Calculate: (show all work) 1. The re-order point if the lead time is 5 working days and the company operates for 250 working days in the year. 2. The economic order quantity if the: COST P

Machine Operation Quantitative Analysis

The table below gives the times during working hours in a factory when a certain machine is not operating as a result of a breakdown: TIME(MINUTES) NO. OF BREAKDOWN 0 - 9 3 10 - 19 10 20 - 29

Discounts and Carrying Costs

A distributor of metal detectors has an annual demand of two thousand units for a certain type.The cost to the distributor is $400 per detector, carrying cost is estimated to be 20% of the unit cost and the ordering cost is $25 per order. If the Distributor orders in quantities of 250 or more, he can get a discount of 10% on the

Real Estate data for homes sold in Denver

A) Refer to the Real Estate data, which reports information on the homes sold in Denver, Colorado, last year. a. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that there is a difference in the mean selling price of homes with a pool and homes without a pool?

Standard Deviation - American Institute of Insurance

8.34. Information from the American Institute of Insurance indicates the mean amount of life insurance per household in the United States is $110,000. This distribution is positively skewed. The standard deviation of the population is not known. e. Find the likelihood of selecting a sample with a mean of more than $100,000 bu

When a pizza restaurant's delivery process is operating effectively

When a pizza restaurant's delivery process is operating effectively, pizzas are delivered in an average of 45 minutes with a standard deviation of 6 minutes. To monitor its delivery process, the restaurant randomly selects five pizzas each night and records their delivery times. a. For the sake of argument, assume that the p

True Mean and Standard Deviation

I have created 95% confidence interval estimates of the population mean µ from your data in columns E and F. I have used the fact that I know σ is 6.5, that the sample was from a normal population, and that you all took samples of size 10. Therefore, the interval becomes sample mean ± 1.96*6.5/3.16. (3.16 is the appro

Petroleum pollution in oceans stimulates the growth

Petroleum pollution in oceans stimulates the growth of certain bacteria. An assessment of this growth has been made by counting the bacteria in each of randomly chosen specimens of ocean water (of a fixed size). The counts obtained were as follows: 41, 60, 44, 56, 69 Find the standard deviation of this sample.

Excel Functions

Could you please explain in words how you figure out deciles, quartiles, kurtosis, skewness in Excel? How do you find the sum count, largest, and smallest in Excel?

Finding the mean and the median (3 questions)

(1.) Using a random sample from 2002 general Social Survey, you find the following grouped distribution Age Category Frequency 18-29 54 30-39 54 40-49 60 50-59 36 60-69 31 70-89 27 a- Calculate the median age category. b- Also,

Various stat questions

Section 1 - Applications of Unconstrained Optimization 1) A perfectly competitive pumpkin patch faces the following cost function: TC(Q) = 14Q2 - 650Q + 15 And the patch sells pumpkins for $15. What is the profit maximizing output? Is the output you found a profit max? Show. 2) A local hammer manufact

Descriptive Statistics Presentation

Look at the attached file, then prepare a 1,100 word paper addressing the topics below. 1. Calculate the measures of central tendency 2. Calculate the dispersion. Calculate the plus/minus 1,2, and 3 Sigma (standard deviation) ranges. 3. Display 3 different aspects of your descriptive statistical data using gr

Help With Statistics

1. What information does each measure of central tendency provide? 2. Why are measures of variability essential statistical tools for describing behavior? 3. How do standard scores assist you in determining relative standing and in making comparisons between groups? 4. What happens to the mean in a skewed distribution?

Hypothesis Estimations for Tax Refunds and Car Ownership

Question 3 You wish to estimate with 95 percent confidence the proportion of families that own two cars. a)How large a sample do you need if you allow an error of up to 2 percent in each direction? b)What will be the sample size if your prior estimate for p was 0.7? Question 4 A sample of 400 people getting a tax refu

Business Statistics Application

Question 1 Design a 95 percent confidence interval for the proportion of defectives in a large lot, if a sample of 200 showed 12 defectives. Question 2 The prices of 23" TV sets sampled by a consumer guide were as follows: $400, $600, $550, $450, $700, $500, and $650. Build a 98 percent confidence interval for the mean.

Research Report

This is a project run preparing for the real project, we will not be gating graded on this however, it is to prepare for the final project. Can you help me on this one? I attached the problem as well as the data. Write a research report that answers these questions and any other questions, you want to add, to help your cli

Descriptive Statistics

Question 1 Use Excel & Put all related data in a single column. A. A headline in a newspaper reported that crime was on the decline. Listed below are the numbers of homicides from 1989-2005 Year Homicides Year Homicides 1989 21 1998 3

Quantitative vs. qualitative? level of measurement?

1. Consider the various variables in this Baseball 2005 data: Number of wins, team salary, season attendance, whether the team played its home games on a grass field or an artificial surface and the number of hits and runs. (a) Which of these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative? (b) Determine the levels o

Sampling Distribution of the Mean

Sampling Distribution of the Mean. See attached file for full problem description. The Golden Calendar Company has population of 16 customers. These customers are brokers who sell the calendars to stores and catalogs. The following data reflect the number of calendars sold to each of the 16 customers last year. Information