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Uses of statistical information in Healthcare

Hello, I need help with "uses of statistical information" in healthcare. I need to figure out what data in important to a healthcare organization, description of data, data definitions and type, and discuss the advantages of accurate interpretation. Word count 400

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Example of data: Uses of Statistical Data in Healthcare
For years, the healthcare industry has use statistical data information to develop, and eliminate programs, monitor health care spending, and solve problems. A healthcare organization may use data pertaining to budget, administrative and operating costs, patient's income [poverty level], patient utilization, and supplies, etc.

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As is evident from the example, healthcare organizations may need to collect, collate and analyse data pertaining to budget spending on healthcare programs, administrative and operating costs, amount of affordable income available to the patient to spend on health needs, patient utilization, medical supplies, etc. This data can be collected by administering questionnaires, and/or recording data diligently over the years in order to be able to produce statistical output from the data thus collated. Government spending on health care programs is very important, specially in the developing or undeveloped countries where mortality rates from usually controllable diseases like malaria, dengue fever etc. is very high. These countries can only provide a substance level of healthcare to ...

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The solution uses statistical information in Healthcare. The advantages of accurate interpretation is discussed.