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    Statistics descriptive analysis

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    #8. According to United Nations figures, the populations of the world's ten largest nations in 2000 (rounded to the nearest million inhabitants) were as follows: China, 1,278: India, 1014; United States, 278; Indonesia, 212; Brazil, 170; Pakistan, 156; Russia, 147; Bangladesh, 129; Japan, 127; and Nigeria, 112. Find the (a) mean; (b) mode; (c) median; (d) variance; (e) standard deviation.

    #9. The gender composition of the 7,483 members of the freshman class at Humongous State U is 52% female and 48% male. What is the variance of this distribution?

    #10. On an 8-point scale rating dormitory food services, a sample of 83 students has a mean of 5.3 and a standard deviation of 0.7. What are the Z scores for: (a) 7; (b) 3; (c) 4?

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