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Quantative Analysis of Data

Confidence levels for Bradford Electric Illuminating Company

(See attached file for full problem description) --- The Bradford Electric Illuminating Company is studying the relationship between kilowatthours (thousands) used and the number of rooms in a private single-family residence. A random sample of 10 homes yielded the following. Number of Kil

Scientific Instrument Company

1. The precision Scientific Instrument Company manufactures thermometers that are supposed to give reading of 0 Celsius at the freezing point of water. The tests on a large sample of theses thermometers reveal that at the freezing point of water, some give reading below 0 Celsius. Assume that the mean reading in 0 Celsius and th

Standard deviation

There are three values: 2.15*10^-18, 1.97*10^-18, 2.48*10^-18. Average value is 2.20*10^-18 Find the standard deviation to correct number of significant figures. Standard deviation should be reported to same power as the average value.

SPSS and Numeric Codes

Enter the following dataset into SPSS. Create numeric codes for the nominal variables, then use "values" to show the meaning of the numbers: ID Age Jog_YN Weight Take_Vit 1 20 N 180 Y 2 30 N 150 N 3 33 N 175 N 4 40 N 163 N 5 41 N 190

Distributions & quantitative analysis

I need verified on the following questions. Please identify the correct answers. The primary purpose of quantitative analysis should be to gain a greater understanding of the problem, not to automate decision making. True False Managers do not need to be familiar with the limitations, assumptions, and

New York Yankees Salary Analysis

I need some help with calculations in these three questions: A. Determine the mean, median, and the standard deviation. b. Determine the coefficient of skewness using Pearson's method c. Determine the coefficient of skewness using the software method. Listed below are the salaries for the New York Yankees for the year

A step by step example of how to figure standard deviation using numbers.

I have lots of data -21 people with various info on each- I need to compare data for each via gender, age, etc.. but my problem is that I need to do this by using standarad deviations- I have tried numerous sites to figure how to do this- But every site uses charts- I need an example that is similar to my problem-using #'s not c


2.A group of 25 subjects have their diastolic blood pressures measured. The results, in SPSS are: |-----------|-------|--------| |N |Valid |25 | |-------|--------| | |Missing|0 | |-----------|-------|--------| |Median |85.00 | |-------------------|--------| |Mode |82.00 | |--

Summary statistics-mean, median, mode, first quartile, third quartile, range, interquartile range, 90th percentile, shape of the distribution, skewness, sample variance and sample standard deviation, coefficient of variation, grouped data

2. (no explanation required) suppose we have a set of sample data. For each quantity listed below, could the quantity be negative? (For each quantity, answer Yes or No.) Quantity Possibly Negative? (Yes or No) Arithmetic Mean Standard Deviation Frequency Median Mode Range First Quartile Interquartile Range

Statistics questions - normal and continuous

1. What are the characteristics of a normal distribution? 2. List some examples of continuous data. 3. What is the name of the distribution that measures the number of occurrences of an event during specified intervals? 4. What would be the characteristics of a binomial distribution? 5. A population consists of t

Q 42 - Refer to the baeball 2000 data attachment...

Refer to the baseball 2000 data attachment. a. At the .10 significance level, is ther a difference in the variation of the number of stolen bases among the teams that play their home games on natural grass versus artificial turf? b. Create a variable that classifies a team's total attendance into three groups: less than 2.

Descriptive Statistics

How do I prepare 4 -7 power point slides using the descriptive statstics that I currently have? (See attached file for full problem description) --- Descriptive Statistics There are several measures of central tendencies that can be applied to the data that was collected for the Small Business Owners Day Care Meal Bu

Making Inferences Based on a Single Sample

I. Explain what the phrase 95% confident means when we interpret a 95% confidence interval for mu. a. In repeated sampling, 95% of similarly constructed intervals would contain the value of the population mean. b. 95% of similarly constructed intervals would contain the value of the sampled mean. c. 95% of the observations in

Inferences Based on Two Samples

A new weight-reducing technique, consisting of a liquid protein diet, is currently undergoing tests by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before its introduction into the market. A typical test performed by the FDA is the following: The weights of a random sample of five people are recorded before they are introduced to the

Solve the problem and show solution

Solve the problem and show solution You are given the following population data of the highest IQ's at Really Bright University. 145 168 163 162 185 164 156 194 168 152 168 146 157 173 156 174 136 134 140 171 207 172 153 169 154 Determine the following: 1. Median 2.

Probability, Mean, Standard Deviation

When a female who is a carrier of color-blindness and a male who does not carry color blindness parent a child, the probability is 0.25 that a child born will be a color-blind male. Assume one such couple will have 6 children. Let X = the number of color-blind males parented by this couple. a. Find the probability that this

Solving Continuous Probability Distributions

Refer to the attachment... a. Develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the mean percent of the population over 65 years. b. Develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the mean energy use.

Statistics Problem

An air traffic control error is said to occur when planes come too close to one another. The following data represent the number of air traffic control errors for a random sample of regions around the US for fiscal years 1996 and 2000. a. Compute the sample mean number of errors in 1996 and 2000 b. Compute the median numb

Statistics theory problems

Please find the questions in the attached document. 1. To get through a page in a statistics book can take three or four times longer than to get through a page in a nonnumerical book. True-False Basic math problems: 2. -12 + 8 = 3. 4 * (-5) = 4. -5 / -4 = 5. 3 * 7 - 6 = 6. 4^3 = 7. ((8 + 3) * 2) - 5 =

Weighted average and mean square error

Will a k-period weighted average produce a lower mean square error (MSE) when making predictions than a weighted average derived from k minus 1 periods? If so, why or why not?

Quantitative Problem

Questions (1) explain in detail what each of them do. ? Descriptive Measures ? Probability ? Sampling Distributions ? Linear Regression ? Time Series Forecasting ? Index Numbers ? Decision Making (2) explain the advantages and disadvantages each of them have if they are attempted to be used by a finance departme


Answer THREE questions in total. ONE question from SECTION A and TWO questions from SECTION B. The solutions have to be typed not scanned. Question A1 The total body calcium (expressed as a percentage of the mean normal value) was determined for a random sample of 60 rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving prednisolone treat

Standard deviation of Armstrong Faber

Armstrong Faber produces a standard number-two pencil called Ultra-Lite. Since Chuck Armstong started Armstrong Faber, sales have grown steadily. With the increase in the price of wood products, however, Chuch has been forced to increase the price of the Ultra-Lite pencils. As a result, the demand for Ultra-lite has been fairly


71. Refer to the OECD data (Appendix L), which reports information on census, economic, and business data for 29 selected countries. a. Compute the mean, median, and mode for the variable employment. Which measure of central tendency seems to be most representative of the data? b. Compute the mean, median, and mode of the

Mean and Median etc.

70. Refer to the Baseball 2000 data (Appendix K), which reports information for the 30 Major League Baseball teams for the 2000 season. a. Determine the mean and the median team salary. Does one measure of central tendency seem better, or more representative, than the other? b. Determine the mean and the median attendance

Mean, Range, Standard Deviation, Variance and Skewness Problem Set

30. Determine the estimated mean of the following frequency distribution. Class Frequency 0 up to 5 2 5 up to 10 7 10 up to 15 12 15 up to 20 6 20 up to 25 3 93. Each person who applies for an assembly job at Carolina Furniture, Inc. is given a mechanical aptitude test. One part of the test involves assembling a dresser

Regression Analysis for Molding Company

I run a molding company and ran a regression analysis of monthly sales looking at monthly sales of prototype parts, travel expenses and advertising expenses. I want to see if any of these variables effect molding sales or help predict molding sales. N = 30. Any help with reading the results, main findings, what in the heck

Standard Deviation

#1) The sample standard deviation is a measure of: a.) center tendency b.) variability c.) relative position d.) all of the above #2) A random sample of 100 experimental unitsis one selected from the population in such a way that every different sample of size 100: a.) have different chances of selection or