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Construct Hypothesis Tests in Excel for Employees

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Please help setting up and solving the following problem in Excel. The problem with all necessary data are contained in the attached excel spread sheet.

MegaStat or similar excel add-in program may be used for the solution.

StatPro [or other excel statistics program] generates new sheets for each problem and deletes previous sheets with the same name. If you want to keep a sheet for your solution, then rename it immediately by prefixing the problem number. You may need suffix numbers to keep the names unique.

The data in the file P11_3.XLS - as set forth below - consist of 25 subsamples of 6 observations each on the fill weights of cans of paint. The ideal weight of these paint cans is 20 pounds.


(a) Using Excel - Generate and interpret ¯X and R charts for the given data. (i) Which control limits do you believe are most appropriate? Explain. (ii) Does this filing process appear to be in control now? (iii) Does this filing process appear to be in control now?

(b) Are there any other indications that the given process may be out of control now? If so, explain.

(c) What advise would you give to the operators of the filing process based on your analysis of the latest sample information?

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The solution constructs X(Bar) and R charts in Excel for given data.