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Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Large Freezer

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See the attached file.
StatPro [or similar Excel addin programs] generates new sheets for each problem and deletes previous sheets with the same name. If you want to keep a sheet for your solution, then rename it immediately by prefixing the problem number. You may need suffix numbers to keep the names unique.

The manager of a super market would like to evaluate the effectiveness of a large freezer unit currently used to store excess supplies of various frozen food items in the supermarket's inventory. Specifically, the manager wants to determine whether the current freezer is maintaining the valuable store inventory at a roughly consistent temperature of 7 degrees. To make this evaluation, he asks his assistant to take 6 temperature readings within the freezer at various points in the day for a total of 30 days. The measurements are given in P11_13.XLS as set froth below.

(a) Generate and interpret ¯X and R charts for the given data. Do these data indicate the presence of one or more problems with the operation of this freezer? Explain.

(b) How might you explain the trend in the R chart for subsample 21 through 30?

(c) What advise would you give to the supermarket manager regarding the freezer?

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Solution Summary

The effectiveness of a large freezer is analyzed. The X(bar) and R charts for the data is given. The trends in this data is analyzed.

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