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    Wolfe's "Suicidal Freezer"

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    Define examples of frustration, and the portrayal of frustration in this short story.

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    As you define examples of frustration, I feel like this piece strongly resonates with the overall portrayal of frustration quite well through characters, plot, and theme.

    First, Wolfe depicts how the characters are frustrated with the mundane nature of their job and lack of respect that they are afforded as workers and a sense of waiting pervades them as "Kenny, Conrad, and some thirty other pickers stood about just inside the entryway, waiting for the shift to start. Conrad's character demonstrates frustration over the work and the lack of integrity is offers as he contemplates, "What he was doing in this place had nothing to do with jacks and slots and pallets and product or with ...

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    In this solution, we provide a thematic analysis of Wolfe's short story "Suicidal Freezer".