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"The Suicidal Freezer Unit" by Tom Wolfe

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This solution describes perspectives of diversity, personal integrity, or social justice in the workplace that you think are present in the reading "The Suicidal Freezer Unit" by Tom Wolfe.

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"The Suicidal Freezer Unit" by Tom Wolfe is briefly examined in terms of diversity, personal integrity, or social justice in the workplace. Textual evidence is provided.

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I believe that Wolfe's "The Suicidal Freezer Unit" represents how working class adults are subjected to emotional and physical hardships at work, immediately from the title, which evokes death, painfully slow through freezing in its symbolism. Since "the freezer was maintained at dead zero Fahrenheit," his use of setting correlates with how workers experience inhumane working conditions.

The setting further signifies lack of workers' rights as their conditions are isolating: "Inside, there were no windows. The chamber remained in an eternal frigid gray dusk, twenty-four hours a day." The pickers are subjected to physical hardships at work as "Beneath the freezer suits they wore so many combinations of long johns, shirts, jerseys, sweaters, insulated vests, and sweatsuits, they were puffed up like blimps or the Michelin Tire Man." The intensity of their labor manifests through the tough setting and conditions, grimy, "The way the jets of breath fog streamed from their noses and mouths was the first indication of how cold it actually was, but any picker foolish enough to try to work without his gloves on ...

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