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Computation for teachers

See the attached file.

A. Select the variable state salary for all three years and find the mean, median, and the standard deviation.
B. Based on this sample information, develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the population mean yearly salary for all three years.
C. Can we conclude that the mean salary for a Nevada Teachers is less than $40,000? Use the .05 significance level.

2004-05 2005-06 Charter 2006-07 Charter
Charter School School Average School Average
Average Salary Salary Salary

Colorado $31,245 $31,113 $32,578
Connecticut $51,812 $46,370 $48,340
Delaware $41,241 $42,350 $42,807
Hawaii $41,794 $43,757 $46,463
Iowa $27,872 $39,139 $40,391
Kansas $39,351 $41,467 $43,318
Louisiana $39,413 $37,529 $41,349
Minnesota $36,635 $37,636 $37,701
Mississippi $38,212 $40,594 $40,182
Missouri $36,379 $36,875 $37,923
Nevada $40,602 $41,725 $44,521
N Jersey $43,678 $44,518 $45,858
New York $41,000 $43,615 $50,000
Ohio $32,892 $38,673 $30,087
Oregon $39,827 $39,077 $39,612
Penns $37,078 $38,578 $39,921
Source: American Federation of Teachers: Survey and Analysis of Teacher Salary trends
Teacher Survey
How a pay freeze in Clark County will affect the teaching staff. Teachers will find general questions about your professional experience. The questions are rated as well; please answer these questions based on how the pay freeze will personally influence you and your professional decisions. Please circle the number that best describes you.
General Questions (please circle your answers):
After surveying 100 teachers, assume the likelihood that 25 male teachers and 75 female teachers in the Nevada district will continue to improve their teaching ability by furthering their education during a pay freeze.

a. What is the likelihood all the male teachers will continue their education and only 37 female teachers will continue?

b. What is the likelihood that none of the male teachers will continue their education?

c. What is the likelihood at least 5 male teachers and 25 female teachers will continue their education?


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