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    Adding Fractions with a Calculator

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    Several calculators are now available that do computations in fractional form as well as in decimal form. Some of these automatically give results in simplest terms. If you have access to such a calculator, discuss how it might be used in teaching fractions and especially fraction computation. If such calculators become commonplace, should we continue to teach fraction computation?

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    Calculators used at the primary level are basically a suite of ways of handling fractions as well as decimals; so they allow smooth transition between fractions, decimals and percentages and facilitate both arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions and simplification of fractions. Calculators are now completely accepted as the normal way of performing tedious computations at the primary level.
    Example: how to use a TI- calculator for adding fractions

    • Power on the calculator by pressing the yellow button on the upper right side of the calculator, directly below the ...

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    Discuss how it might be a calculator used in teaching fractions and especially fraction computation