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Statistics - stress Levels & Job Satisfaction

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You are the president of a medium size marketing research and management-consulting firm. ZYX Inc has hired you for a new management-consulting project. After interviewing the top management at ZYX, you have made the following notes ... (See attached files).

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In regard to an individual's mind set or personal feeling, job satisfaction can be classified as the temperament of their work. Job satisfaction is normally influenced by a variety of factors, such as, success, gratification, physical environment, pressure at work, stress level, and relationship with management. Job satisfaction is an important mechanism to employees in the organization. More importantly, discovering what motivates employees along with what makes them happy are contributors to organization success. Job satisfaction levels usually increase when employees know that their issues are being addressed.

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Glen, P. (2008). Job satisfaction: It's highly overrated. Retrieved from http://www.computerworld.com/careertopics/careers/story/0,10801,87372,00.html

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Find at least three scholarly journal articles that explore job satisfaction in the United States and two other countries of your choice. Compare job satisfaction in the United States to these other two countries. These are some possible research directions: What indicators are used to determine job satisfaction ratings? How does quality of life factor into worker perspectives? Are there any global differences in definitions and expectations? How do management practices affect the research results? How will this research affect your management practices and policies?

Reflect on your survey results and consolidate your findings, referencing the thinking points listed above, in an APA-formatted paper (not including the title page, reference list, or appendices). Reference at least four resources in your paper. Your writing should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Responses should reflect graduate-level writing standards and have no spelling, grammar, or syntax errors.

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