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Physics Problems Kinematics, Acceleration

Show all steps in computation. 1) A VW RAbbit can go from rest to 80.5 km/h (50.0 mi/h) in a modest 8.20 s. How long will it take to speed from 48.3 km/h to 64.4 km/h, along a straight run, if the average acceleration is the same as before? 2)During a takeoff a small plane has an average tangential acceleration of 5.0 m/s^2

Working with integration

The velocity of a particle moving in a straight line is given by v=3t^2 + 2t, Find an expression for the displacement at time, t. If the initial displacement is 1m, find an expression for the constant of integration. Hence determine the displacement after a time period of 2s has elapsed.

Projectile motion

A bullet fired horizontally is aiming at an object which starts falling at the instant the bullet is fired. Will the bullet hit the object ?

Using differentiation to describe the motion of an object launched upwards.

Questions are taken from the course book 'Physics with modern physics', Richard Wolfson & J. M. Pasachoff. A model rocket is launched straight upward; its altitude as a function of time is given by y = bt-ct^2, where b=68 m/s, c=4.9 m/s, t is the time in seconds, and y is in meters. (a) Use differentiation to find a ge