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Collisions in one dimension

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1) A 0.170 kg projectile (bullet) is fired with a velocity of +720 m/s at a 2.00 kg wooden block that rests on a frictionless table. The velocity of the block, immediately after the projectile passes through it, is +40.0 m/s. Find the velocity with which the projectile exits from the block.

2) A two-stage rocket moves in space at a constant velocity of 4700 m/s. The two stages are then separated by a small explosive charge placed between them. Immediately after the explosion the velocity of the 1290 kg upper stage is 5820 m/s in the same direction as before the explosion. What is the velocity (magnitude and direction) of the 2460 kg lower stage after the explosion?

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Step by step computations leading to the answers.

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1) Before the collision, only the bullet is moving. So, the initial momentum will be
pi = mv = 0.170 kg * 720 m/s
= 122.4 kg m/s

After the collision, the bullet passes through the block carrying a velocity (v') and the block also moves, the ...

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