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"Ball Kick"

A man kicks a 200g ball such that it leaves the ground at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal and strikes the ground at the same elevation a distance of 15m away. Determine the impulse of his foot on the ball. Neglect the impulse caused by the ball's weight while its being kicked.

Velocity, Distance and Speed

The 2-lb brick slides down a smooth roof, such that when it is at A it has a velocity of 5ft/s. Determine the speed of the block just before it leaves the surface at B, the distance d from the wall where it strikes the ground, and the speed at which it hits the ground.

Playing with a Water Hose

Here's the problem: Two children, Ferdinand and Isabella, are playing with a water hose on a sunny summer day. Isabella is holding the hose in her hand 1.0 meters above the ground and is trying to spray Ferdinand, who is standing 10.0 meters away. To increase the range of the water, Isabella places her thumb on the hose hole

Collision: Calculating Force and Velocity

Just before it is struck by a racket, a tennis ball weighing 0.560 N has a velocity of (20.0i-4.0j) m/s. During the 3.00 ms that the racket and ball are in contact, the net force on the ball is constant and equal to (-380i+110j)N. What is the x-component of the impulse of the net force applied to the ball? What is the y-componen

Conservation of momentum

Jonathan and Jane are sitting in a sleigh that is at rest on frictionless ice. Jonathan's weight is 800 N, Jane's weight is 600 N, and that of the sleigh is 1000 N. They see a poisonous spider on the floor of the sleigh and immediately jump off. Jonathan jumps to the left with a velocity (relative to the ice) of 5.00 m/s at 30 d

Impulse Delivered to the Ball

A steel ball with mass 38.0 g is dropped from a height of 1.93 m onto a horizontal steel slab. The ball rebounds to a height of 1.56 m .Calculate the impulse delivered to the ball during impact. If the ball is in contact with the slab for a time of 2.40 ms, find the average force on the ball during impact.

Maximum Velocity of Center of Mass

A 1kg solid cylinder of radius 2cm is connected to a Hookes' law spring (k=100 N/m). The cylinder is displaced 20cm to the left and released. The cylinder rolls without slipping. Find the maximum velocity of the cylinder's center of mass.

Newton's second law

The boy of mass 40kg is sliding down the spiral slide at a constant speed such that his position, measured from the top of the chute, has components r=1.5m, theta=(0.7t)rad, and z=(-0.5t)m, where t is in seconds. Determine components of force: F(subscript r), F(subscript theta), and F(subscript z) which the slide exerts on him a

Speed of a plane with respect to another plane

Two planes A and B are flying side by side at a constant speed of 900km/h. Maintaining this speed, plane A begins to travel along the spiral path r = (1500*theta) km, where theta is in radians, whereas plane B continues to fly in a straight line. Determine the speed of plane A with respect to plane B when r=750km.

Speed of Plane

Two planes A and B are flying side by side at a constant speed of 900km/h. Maintaining this speed, plane A begins to travel along the spiral path r = (1500*theta) km, where theta is in radians, whereas plane B continues to fly in a straight line. Determine the speed of plane A with respect to plane B when r=750km.

Pendulum Loops Around a Nail

A pendulum of mass M is attached to a string of length L. The other end of the string is attached to pivot point P. The string and mass are held horizontal and released so that the mass swings down. When the mass is at its lowest point, the string hits a nail a distance h above the mass, so that the mass loops around the nail. W

Angular momentum

A hockey stick of mass m_s and length L is at rest on the ice (which is assumed to be frictionless). A puck with mass m_p hits the stick a distance D from the middle of the stick. Before the collision, the puck was moving with speed v° in a direction perpendicular to the stick. The collision is completely inelastic, and the pu

Deer Hunting Kinematics

A man is deer hunting by a cliff that is 1000.0 m tall. He fell asleep while hunting and woke up at night. He decided to shoot off a few rounds to try and get the attention of someone. If he aims 65 degrees above the horizontal and fires a bullet that leaves his gun at 410.00 m/s over the cliff how long will the bullet rise? Ho

Newton's laws of motion,,

Problem 1: A box of mass M is held against the ceiling by a force P acting at an angle (SYMBOL1) as shown. The block slides along the ceiling to the right at a constant speed. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ceiling is (SYMBOL2). (a) Draw a labled free body diagram for the box (b) Determine the f

Angular Velocity & Speed of Tip

Please do not put your response in a .pdf format, but Word documents are okay. Thanks! A long, thin rod of mass M and length L is standing straight up on a table. Its lower end rotates on a frictionless pivot. A very slight push causes the rod to fall over. (A) As it hits the table, what is the angular velocity of the tip

Toy Car: Actual translational speed of the car; angular velocity of the flywheel

When a toy car is rapidly scooted across the floor, it stores energy in a flywheel. The car has mass 0.180g, and its flywheel has a moment of inertia of 4.00*10^(-5)kg.m^2. The car is 15.0cm long. An advertissement claims that the car can travel at a scale speed of up to 700km/h (440mi/h). The scale speed is the speed of the toy

Momentum of a Broken Spaceship Piece After Explosion

A spaceship of mass 2.3*10^6 kg is cruising at a speed of 4.4*10^6 m/s when the antimatter reactor fails, blowing the ship into three pieces. One section, having a mass of 5.1*10^5 kg, is blown straight backward with a speed of 2.1*10^6 m/s. A second piece, with mass 7.6*10^5 kg, continues forward at 1.1*10^6 m/s. What is the sp

Car on an Inclined Plane

A car is on an inclined plane (shoulder of the road) at angle theta. The car has mass of 1.6Mg and center of mass at G. G is located 2.5 ft vertical from the inclined plane (shoulder of the road). If the coefficient of static friction between shoulder of road and tires is us=0.4, determine greatest slope, theta, the incline can

Three-Block Inelastic Collision

A block of mass m1 moving with speed v1 undergoes a completely inelastic collision with a stationary block of mass m2. The blocks then move, stuck together, at speed v2. After a short time, the two-block system collides inelastically with a third block, of mass m3, which is initially stationary. The three blocks then move, stu

Velocity and maximum height

If a ball is thrown vertically upward from the roof of a 48 foot building with a velocity of 64ft/sec, its height after t seconds is s(t)=48 + 64t -16t^2. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? What is the velocity of the ball when it hits the ground (height 0)?

Question about Shooting over a Hill

See attached A. Find the highest point in the trajectory, . Express the highest point in terms of the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity , the initial velocity , and the angle . B. What is the range of the projectile, ? Express the range in terms of , , and . Consider your advice to an artiller

Energy Problem: Find the Velocity

A small cube of mass m slides down a circular path of radius R cut into a large block of mass M. M rests on a table, and both blocks move without friction. The blocks are initially at rest, and m starts from the top of the path. Find the velocity v of the cube as it leaves the block.

Scales and Chains

A chain of mass M and length l is suspended vertically with its lowest end touching a scale. The chain is released and falls onto the scale. What is the reading of the scale when a length of chain x has fallen?

Circualr Motion

The period of a stone swung in a horizontal circle on a 2.00-m radius is 1.00 s. a. What is its angular velocity in rad/s? b. What is its linear speed in m/s? c. What is its radial acceleration in m/s^2.

Ballistic Pendulum measures projectile speeds

A ballistic pendulum is a great device for measuring projectile speeds that are relatively large. You launch a small mass m into a large mass M, and it swings up a height h where the two masses stick together. Show that the velocity of the projectile (mass m) is given by v= (m+M)/m) times the square root of 2gh

Momentum, rocket ascending

A rocket ascends from rest in a uniform gravitational field by ejecting exhaust with constant speed " u " . Assume that the rate at witch mass is expelled is given by dm/dt = Cm , where m is the instataneous mass of the rocket and C is a constant, and that the rocket is retarded by air resistance with a force mBv, wher B is a co

Momentum, locomotive

A sand-spraying locomotive sprays sand horizontally into a freight car, (locomotive at the left and car at the right). The locomotive and freight car are not attached. The engineer in the locomotive maintains his speed so that the distance to the freight car stays constant. The sand is transferred at a rate dm/dt = 10Kg/s with