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Impact Shock Test and Collision Situations

Airplane flight recorders must be able to survive catastrophic crashes. They typically are encased in crash-resistant steel boxes. One of the tests is an impact shock test, in which the box must survive being thrown at high speeds against a barrier. A 41 kg box is thrown at a speed of 220 m/s and is brought to a halt in a collis

Projectile Motion and Classical Mechanics

(See attached file for full problem description with diagrams) --- A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 16.0 m/s. The cliff is h = 22.0 m above a flat horizontal beach, as shown in Figure P3.24. Figure P3.24 How long after being released does the stone stri

Projectile motion and geometry problems involving cosine law and sin law.

1. A ball thrown vertically upward is caught by the thrower after 4.00 s. (a) Find the initial velocity of the ball. m/s (b) Find the maximum height it reaches. m 2. A mountain climber stands at the top of a 40.0 m cliff that overhangs a calm pool of water. She throws two stones vertically downward 1.00 s apart and

Find the tension in the cable.

A stuntman is being pulled along a rough road at a constant velocity, by a cable attached to a moving truck. The cable is parallel to the ground. The mass of the stuntman is 109 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the road and him is 0.87 . Find the tension in the cable.

Kinematics: Motion in One Dimension

Problem #1. A car traveling at constant speed of 30m/s passes a trooper hidden behind a bush. Once second after the speeding car passes the bush, the trooper sets off in chase with a constant acceleration of 3.0 m/s2. How long does it take the trooper to overtake the speeding car? How far does the trooper travel during this tim

Set of 5 problems on kinematics

1) A car covers one-quarter of the distance to the next town at 40km/h, another quarter at 50 km/h and the rest at 90km/h. Find the car's average speed for the entire distance. 2) In order to qualify for the finals in a racing event, a race car must achieve an average speed of 250km/h on a track with a total length of 1600

One end of a spring is attached to a solid wall...

One end of a spring is attached to a solid wall while the other end just reaches to the edge of a horizontal, frictionless tabletop, which is a distance H above the floor. A block of mass M is placed against the end of the spring and pushed toward the wall until the spring has been compressed a distance X. The block is released

Physics problems: Velocity, Speed, Acceleration

1) Wiley Coyote has missed the elusive roadrunner once again. This time, he leaves the edge of the cliff at 50 m/s horizontal velocity. If the canyon is 100 meters deep, how far from the edge of the cliff does the coyote land? a) 100 meters b) 200 meters c) 225 meters d) 250 meters e) 300 meters 2) An artillery she

For women's volleyball the top of the net is 2.24 m above the floor

For women's volleyball the top of the net is 2.24 m above the floor and the court measures 9.0 m by 9.0 m on each side of the net. Using a jump serve, a player strikes the ball at a point that is 3.0 m above the floor and a horizontal distance of 8.0 m from the net. If the initial velocity of the ball is horizontal, a) what mi

3 Circular Motion Problems

1. A circular disk of radius 30 cm is rotating with an angular acceleration of 1 radian/ s2. What is the tangential acceleration of a point on the rim of the disk? What is its centripetal acceleration if the angular speed is 3 rev / s? 2. A 980 Kg car traveling at 20 m/s rounds a curve of radius 40 m. What is the friction f

Projectile Motion

A cannon, located 60.0m from the base of a vertical 25.0m tall cliff, shoots a 15kg shell at 43.0 digress above the horizontal toward the cliff. 1). What must the minimum muzzle velocity be for the shell to clear the top of the cliff? 2) The ground at the top of the cliff is level, with a constant elevation of 25.0m

Simple harmonic motion: amplitude, period and acceleration.

A 0.500-kg mass on a spring has velocity as a function of time given by: Vx(t)=(3.60 cm/s)*sin[(4.71s^(-1))*t-Pi/2] A) What is the period of the mass in s? B) What is the amplitude of the mass in cm? C) What is the maximum acceleration of the mass in cm/s^2?

Problems on kinematics and dynamics

6.) An airplane flies due south with respect to the ground at an air speed of 900 km/h for 2.0 hr before turning and moving southwest with respect to the ground for 3.0 hr. During the entire trip, a wind blows in the easterly direction at 120 km/h. (a) What is the plane's average speed with respect to the ground? (b) What is the

Calculations Related to Impulse/Momentum

An 85-kg jogger is heading due east at a speed of 2.0 m/s. A 55-kg jogger is heading 32° north of east at a speed of 3.0 m/s. Find the magnitude and direction of the sum of the momenta of the two joggers.

Effect of air drag on an object thrown upwards

A ball was thrown upward with a velocity u. What is the maximum height that the ball reaches? What is the final velocity of the ball when it hits the ground? Is it same as the initial velocity? Assume that the air resistance is NOT negligible.

Direction and Speed of an Elastic collision

Two billiard balls travel towards each other along a straight line with the same speed. What are their speeds and directions after an elastic collision? I need to see each step and formula to solve this question.

Variable Linear Mass Density

2. A nonuniform wire of length L and mass M has a variable linear mass density given by mu = kx where x is the distance from one end of the wire and k is a constant. (a) Show that M = (kL^2)/2. (b) Show that the time t required for a pulse generated at one end of the wire to travel to the other end is given by t = sqrt(8ML

Solving Harmonic Oscillator Problems

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Learning Goal: To derive the formulas for the major characteristics of motion as functions of time for a horizontal spring oscillator and to practice using the obtained formulas by answering some basic questions. A block of mass m is attached to a spring whose spring cons

Angular Velocity and Power Plants

Please help answer the following questions. Provide step by step calculations for each. It has been argued that power plants should make use of off-peak hours (such as late at night) to generate mechanical energy and store it until it is needed during peak load times, such as the middle of the day. One suggestion has been to

3 Problems: Force, Motion, Vectors, Relative velocity

* degree mode Please view attachment 10. Two circus elephants, Bessie and Maybelle, are dragging a large container, as shown below. If Bessie pulls with a force of 2200 lbs. and Maybelle with a force of 1500 lbs, and the container moves along the dashed line, what is the angle? The container is behind both Bessie and Mayb

Newton's Law (Merry Go Round)

Merry-Go-Round. Two identical twins, Jena and Jackie, are playing one December on a large merry-go-round (a disk mounted parallel to the ground on a vertical axle through its center) in their school playground in northern Minnesota. Each twin has a mass of m. The icy coating on the merry-go-round surface makes it frictionless. T

Change in Velocity of a Vertical Drop

On the center photo of page 43 measure the distance between the two images nearest the 20 cm position of the larger, heavier ball on the left. Use bottom to bottom measurements as shown in a previous figure. Repeat for the two images nearest the bottom left of the photo on page 43. Scale these distances to actual displacement

Projectile motion using trigonometry

If a pitcher threw a ball horizontally at 101.0 mph, how far would it fall vertically by the time it reached home plate, 60.5 ft away? A daredevil jumps a canyon with walls of equal height and 10 m apart. He takes off by driving a motorcycle off a short ramp sloped at an angle of 15 degrees. What minimum speed must he have in

Physics help: Newton's laws of motion

A dockworker applies a constant horizontal force of 80.0 N to a block of ice on a smooth horizontal floor. The frictional force is negligible. The block starts from rest and moves 11.0 m in 5.00 s. a) What is the mass of the block of ice? b) If the worker stops pushing at the end of 5.00 s, how far does the block move in th

Speed of transfusion from suspended blood bag

A hospital patient receives a quick 500-cc blood transfusion through a needle with a length of 5.0 cm and an inner diameter of 1.0 mm. if the blood bag is suspended 0.85 m above the height where the blood first starts to flow into the vein, how long does the transfusion take? (Neglect the viscosity of the blood flowing in the pl

Waves on stretched string: Wave velocity and time taken.

(See attached file for full problem description with symbols and diagrams) --- Consider a string of total length , made up of three segments of equal length. The mass per unit length of the first segment is , that of the second is , and that of the third . The third segment is tied to a wall, and the string is stretched by

Motion in Straight-Line

In a race over a distance s, runner A starts from rest and accelerates at a1 for the first distance x and then runs at constant speed. Runner B starts from rest and accelerates at a2 for the first distance x and then runs at constant speed. Runner A begins running as soon as the race begins but B first takes a nap to rest up.