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Some Energy Motion Problems

Energy/Motion problems 4. A 10-kg box is pushed by from rest by a 100-Newton force at a 30 degree angle downward with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of friction between the box and the floor is 0.35. Determine the box's velocity (in meters/second to two decimal places) after the box has been moved through a distan

Newton's third law and some puzzling questions

Have a couple of puzzling questions having trouble answering. 1. Since the force that acts on a bullet when a gun is fired is equaland opposite to the force that cats on the gun, does this imply a zero net force and therefore the impossibility of an accelerating bullet? Explain 2. When you jump upward the earth recoils bac


Displacement s=2t-1.8In(0.6+2t) Show expressions for velocity and acceleration of the particle.

Fluid pressure

A horizontal has a fluid flowing through it. The fluid(density = 1000kg/m^3) is flowing through it at the rate of 2 x 10^-4 m^3/s. The inside diameter of the larger portion is 3 cm and that of the diameter of the constriction is 1 cm. Find the pressure difference that exists between the larger and the constricted sections.

What is the skater's final angular velocity?

An ice skater starts spinning at the rate of 1.5rev/s with arms extended. she then pulls her arms close to her body, resulting in a decrease of her rotational inertia to three-quarters of her initial value. What is the skater's final angular velocity?

Calculations for Speed and Velocity

1) A 70.2 kg skater is carrying a 2.5 kg snowball and moving forward with a velocity of 9.7 m/s. The skater throws the snowball forward with a speed of 33.4 m/s. Determine the speed of the skater after hurling the snowball. 2) A 2.34 kg cannon is at rest. When ignited, it fires a 56.7 g tennis ball forward with a speed of 80.4

Two Physics Problems

1. Figure one in the attached diagram indicates the path through space of the water balloon. On the diagram, place arrows indicating the: (a) velocity vector (b) the acceleration vector for te balloon. Label which is which. Do this for the three points indicated on FIGURE 1. 7. The plot (in the figure attached) shows t

Magnitude of the Momentum

If a volleyball, which weighs .330 kg, is thrown down towards the ground with a speed of .150 m/s it takes .655 seconds to make contact. Just before it reaches the ground, what is the magnitude of the momentum?

Calculating velocity and pressure of fluids

The figure shows a nozzle on a hose carrying water. If the pressure at point 1 is 283 x 10^3 Pa, the velocity 0.68 m/s, and the diameter 10 cm, given that the diameter at point 2 is 2.5 cm what is the velocity to the nearest tenth of a m/s at point 2? What is the pressure to the nearest kPa at point 2?

Calculating acceleration and velocity

4. A bowling ball of mass 4.0kg strikes a 10-pin of mass 0.80kg. The ball's velocity was 1.5m/s before the collision, but after the collision it is 1.2m/s. What is the velocity of the pin just after the collision? Treat this as a one-dimensional situation: we assume that the ball hits the pin "square". 5. A 60kg bicyclist is

Net force acting on car travelling downhill w/ constant velocity

A car is traveling downhill with a constant velocity. Which of the following are true? (a) There is a net force acting on the car in the downhill direction. (b) There is a net force on the car in the uphill direction. (c) There is a net vertical force acting on the car. (d) There is no net force acting on the car.

Finding velocity after a collision of objects

A 50 g ball of putty moving with a velocity of 3.0 ms has an inelastic collision head on with a stationary mass of 50 g and sticks to it. Find the velocity of the stationary mass and the putty after the collision.

Velocity of Waves and Sound

A harmonic wave is given by y(x,t) = 4cos(3.61x - 6.1t). To the nearest hundredth of a meter what is the wavelength? What is its period to the nearest thousandth of a second? What is the velocity of the wave to the nearest hundredth of a m/s? What will be the value of y to two decimal places in problem 1 if x = 1.07 and

Calculating Speed

7-57 A 0.150-kg block of ice is placed against a horizontal compressed spring mounted on a horizontal tabletop that is 1.20m above the floor. The spring has force constant 1900N/m and is initially compressed 0.045m. The mass of the spring is negligible. The spring is released, and the block slides along the table, goes off the e

Waves and Nodes

The velocity of waves on a string is 277 m/s. If the frequency of standing waves is 131 Hz, how far apart are the nodes?

Simple Harmonic Motion: Three problems

(See attached file for full problem description with symbols and diagrams) 1.) A block hangs in equilibrium from a vertical spring. When a second identical block is added, the original block sags by 6.00 . Part A What is the oscillation frequency of the two-block system? 2.) The figure is the velocity-versus-time gra

Projectile Motion and Height

After an intense battle against physics test, some guy goes to his dorm, exhausted and wounded. While eating his hybrid beetle- cockroach stumbling around. In a quick relocation plan, the guy gives it a gentle flick:(see attachment for diagram): The bug is flicked at a 45 degree angle with an initial velocity of 2 m/s. If the

Vectors and forces

(See attached file for full problem description with diagrams) --- ? A 9.26-kg sign is hung using two cables which make an angle of 34.5 degrees with the horizontal. Determine the weight (in Newtons) of the sign. ? Referring to the previous problem.) Determine the tension (in Newtons) in a single cable. ? A 55.9-kg sig

Newton's Laws of Motion Problems

See the attached file. 1. A 1-kg block of wood is dropped from a position 2.4 meters above a resting 0.05-kg ball. Shortly thereafter, the ball is shot horizontally at a velocity of 28 m/s. If the wood is 8.4 meters away from the ball in the horizontal direction, determine the distance (to two decimal places) the wood falls fro

Rotational Motion: Motion on a turn table.

A runner of mass m runs around the edge of a horizontal turntable mounted on a vertical, frictionless axis through its center. The runner's velocity relative to the earth has magnitude v. The turntable is rotating in the opposite direction with an angular velocity of magnitude omega relative to the earth. The radius of the turnt

Escape Velocity

If a planet has a mass of 9.42 x 1024 kg and a radius of 5.47 x 106 meters, to the nearest m/s what is its escape velocity? If the mass is increased by a factor of 2, what is the new escape velocity? If the radius is decreased by a factor of 0.22, what is its new escape velocity? (See attached file for full problem desc

Four problems related to rotational motion are solved.

(See attached file for full problem description with diagram and symbols) --- 1.) A thin, 80.0 disk with a diameter of 9.00 rotates about an axis through its center with 0.220 of kinetic energy. What is the speed of a point on the rim? 2.) A 3.0-m-long rigid beam with a mass of 100 kg is supported at each end. An 8

Waves, Heat and Light: Calculate velocity of electron waves

See attached file for full problem description. This course is the third in a three-term introductory physics sequence. The topics covered in this course include: I. Heat and Thermodynamics, II. Wave Phenomena, and III. Introduction to Special Relativity. These topics are essential for understanding a wide range of physical p