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    Angular Velocity and Power Plants

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    Please help answer the following questions. Provide step by step calculations for each.

    It has been argued that power plants should make use of off-peak hours (such as late at night) to generate mechanical energy and store it until it is needed during peak load times, such as the middle of the day. One suggestion has been to store the energy in large flywheels spinning on nearly frictionless ball-bearings. Consider a flywheel made of iron, with a density of P, in the shape of a uniform disk with a thickness of L.

    1. What would the diameter of such a disk need to be if it is to store an amount of kinetic energy of E when spinning at an angular velocity of omega (w) about an axis perpendicular to the disk at its center?

    2. What would be the centripetal acceleration of a point on its rim when spinning at this rate?

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