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Physics - Speed and Velocity

In a local bar, a customer slides an empty beer mug down the counter for a refill. The bartender is momentarily distracted and does not see the mug, which slides off the counter and strikes the floor at distance d from the base of the counter. The height of the counter is h. (a) With what speed did the mug leave the counter?

Ideal Ball Projectile Motion

A ball is thrown directly downward, with an initial speed of 8.50 m/s, from a height of 31.0 m. After what time interval does the ball strike the ground?

Toy Cars: Velocity, position, and acceleration

At t = 0, one toy car is set rolling on a straight track with initial position 13.0 cm, initial velocity -3.5 cm/s, and constant acceleration 2.50 cm/(s^2). At the same moment, another toy car is set rolling on an adjacent track with initial position 10.5 cm, an initial velocity of 6.10 cm/s, and constant zero acceleration. (a)

4 Problems: Vectors, Displacement and equations of motion.

Please see the attached file for full problem description. 1.) A basketball player runs down the court, following the path indicated by the vectors A, B, and C in Figure 3-38. The magnitudes of these three vectors are: A = 10.0 m, B = 21.0 m, and C = 7.0 m. Let the +x axis point to the right and the +y axis point to the far s

The wavelength and phase speed of microwaves

Determine the wavelength and phase speed of microwaves of frequency 2.45GHz (i) in a vacuum, (ii) in two different plasmas in which there is a uniform distribution of electrons with different number density.

Child's speed

A child in an airport is able to cover 348 meters in 4 minutes running at a steady speed down a moving sidewalk in the direction of the sidewalks motion. Running a the same speed in the direction opposite to the sidewalks movement, the child is able to cover 275 meters in 5 minutes. What is the child's running speed on a still s

Physics - Pressure and Volume

1. Calculate the following. a. 100 ml of liquid A has a mass of 250 g. What is its density, in kg/L? (Note: 1 L = 1000 ml = 0.001 m3) b. Liquid B has a specific gravity of 0.98. How much does 1 L weigh, in an Earth-standard gravitational field? 2. The pipe shown above expands from an internal diameter of 3 cm to an

Collisions: Head on inelastic collision of two cars

Two bumper cars collide head-on. Before the collision, car 1 is coming from the right at 3 m/s and has a total mass of 200 kg. Car 2 is coming from the left at 5 m/s and has a total mass of 250 kg (the driver of car 2 is a lot fatter than the driver of car 1) At the time of the collision, the bumpers lock and the cars remain

Projectile Motions

1. What max. initial velocity must a rocket have to reach a target 100 mi away? 2. At what two angles above the horizontal can a projectile be fired in order to reach a distance equal to half the maximum range?

Physics - A Problem on Projectile Motion

A ball thrown into the air from the ground reaches a maximum height of 50ft and travels 200ft horizontally before it drops again to the ground. Find the magnitude and direction of the velocity with which it was thrown.

projectile motion of football

A football is thrown with a velocity of 10 m/s at an angle of 30° above the horizontal. (a) What will the time of flight be? (b) How far away should its intended receiver be?

Airplane bomb drop time and impact velocity

An airplane is in level at a velocity of 300 mi/h and an altitude of 5000 ft when it drops a bomb. (a) How long does the bomb take to reach the ground? (b) What will the bomb's velocity be on impact?

Physics - Translational Motion of a Ball

A ball has an initial velocity of 20ft/s and ground speed at the rate of 6.0ft/s² a. What is the velocity at the end of the 5th second? b. What is the distance traveled during the 5th second?

velocity and acceleration..

4.) A car has an average speed of 80.0 km/h for one hour, then an average speed of 90.0 km/h for two hours during a three-hour trip What was the average speed for the three-hour trip? 5.) What is the acceleration of a car that moves from a speed of 5.0 m/s to a speed of 15m/s during a time of 6.0 s? 10.) An archer shoots a


Dear OTA, Please help me in solving out the attached problem. Thanks

Displacement vs Time and Velocity vs Time

Hi, I need assistance on this one problem. I need all work shown to understand. The distance between windowsills I am confused about. See attachment for diagram: Please apply the techniques used in Lab 3 (particularly the ticker tape) to the following photo: Distance between windowsills is 3.15 meters. Three photographs

Magnetic Force and Magnetic Fields

A uniform magnetic field of magnitude B=1.2 teslas is directed toward the bottom of the page in the -y direction. At time t=0, a proton p in the field is moving in the plane of the page with a speed v=4 x 10^7 meters per second in a direction 30 degrees above the +x axis. a.) Calculate the magnetic force on the proton at t=0

Displacement - Time Graph (Physics Lab)

Run a simulation. You will use the data from the "Time" and "Position" measurement tables to fill in the data table below at the indicated times. Then graph the data on the graph paper provided (Lab Answer Sheet) in order to construct a d-t or x-t graph. Calculate the average velocity, vavg, for the whole trip. Calculate the ins

Guitar String: Speed and Frequency

One of the 63.5-cm-long strings of an ordinary guitar is tuned to produce the note B_3 (frequency 245 Hz when vibrating in its fundamental mode. a). Find the speed of transverse waves on this string. b). If the tension in this string is increased by 1.0%, what will be the new fundamental frequency of the string? Express y

Amplitude and Wave Speed of the Standing Wave

A guitar string is vibrating in its fundamental mode, with nodes at each end. The length of the segment of the string that is free to vibrate is 0.380 m. The maximum transverse acceleration of a point at the middle of the segment is 8800 m/s^2 and the maximum transverse velocity is 3.50 m/s. a) What is the amplitude of this s