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    Toy Cars: Velocity, position, and acceleration

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    At t = 0, one toy car is set rolling on a straight track with initial position 13.0 cm, initial velocity -3.5 cm/s, and constant acceleration 2.50 cm/(s^2). At the same moment, another toy car is set rolling on an adjacent track with initial position 10.5 cm, an initial velocity of 6.10 cm/s, and constant zero acceleration.
    (a) At what time, if any, do the two cars have equal speeds?

    (b) What are their speeds at that time?

    (c) At what time(s), if any, do the cars pass each other? (If there is only one time, enter NA in the second blank. If there are two times, enter the smaller time first.)

    (d) What are their locations at that time? (If there is only one location, use NA as one of the answers. If there are two locations, enter the smaller location first.)

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    At any moment, V(t) = V(t=0) + a*t.

    For the first car, V1(t) = -3.5 + 2.5t.
    For the second car, V2(t) = 6.1.

    V1(t) = V2(t) => -3.5+2.5t = 6.1 => 2.5t = 9.6 ...

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