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Conceptual questions/problems on kinematics

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Please solve only the circled problems : Questions 3, 10, 12, 15, Exercises 1, 8, 10, Problem 4 (please see the attachment).

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3. By definition, displacement is the shortest distance between two points. Hence, distance traveled between two points cannot be less than the displacement between them. It must be equal to or greater than the displacement.

Case 1 : Distance traveled greater than the Displacement.

Distance B

A Displacement

Case 2 : Distance traveled equal to the Displacement.


A Displacement

The object travels along the path AB.

10. Position of the object being zero means the object is passing through the origin (the reference point from which the distance is measured). Speed is the rate at which the object is traveling (rate of change of distance). Hence, position of the object being zero does not mean its speed must be zero. The object could be passing through the origin at some speed. ...

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