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Displacement vs Time and Velocity vs Time

Hi, I need assistance on this one problem. I need all work shown to understand. The distance between windowsills I am confused about.

See attachment for diagram:
Please apply the techniques used in Lab 3 (particularly the ticker tape) to the following photo:
Distance between windowsills is 3.15 meters. Three photographs were taken each second

Present all data using excel:
- Table presenting all measured values
- Displacement vs. time
- Velocity vs time.

Comment on the values obtained for acceleration of an object as compared to the theoretical value of gravity.


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Greetings: The distance between windowsills gives you a (rather rough) measure of the distance that the falling object has fallen since being released at the starting point alongside a windowsill. The downward displacements from release point are: Windowsill #0 at 0, #1 at 3.15 m, #2 at 6.30 m, #3 at 9.45 m, #4 at 12.60 m, and ...

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This solution identifies all measured values from the diagram as well as displacement vs time and velocity vs time. Explanations and calculations are shown in four main steps with attached graphs.