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Graphs used to model motion.

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Demonstrate the use of graphs to model motion by explaining how such models are created, and how the interpretation of the results depend upon the assumptions made.

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Graphs thare used to model motion are examined and their applications are discussed.

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Graphs are always helpful in understanding any phenomena. Just by going through the graph at a glance one can conclude to 1st order.

In modelling the motion, graphs are very helpful. Generally, graphs are drawn: displacement vs time, velocity vs time, acceleration vs time, velocity vs displacement etc.

For example take the case of uniform accelerating motion: model
i.e., a (acceleration) = constant
=> a = dv/dt = constant

In this case we can use three standard formulae;
v = u + a*t
s = u*t + (1/2)*a*t^2
v^2 = u^2 + 2*a*s
where, u is the ...

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