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    Graph and Functions

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    Write a short paper describing a graph or a series of graphs that would represent a real life situation or problem from your own life. An example might be a graph of your personal spending habits throughout the year, or the amount of time you spend watching TV each day of the week. Describe this graph in words and provide a copy of the graph.

    If you are familiar with Excel or another program that creates graphs, please use this to create your graph.

    Submit a one to two page paper

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    Here are a series of graphs that represent different real-life situations. I have chosen a quadratic function to show the graph.

    (a) Line graphs are used for observing change over time such as a vehicle traveling at a constant speed.
    (b) Though quadratic graphs are not always generated, the basic equations are frequently used. Parabolas are used in optics for light ...

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    A Short paper describing graph or series of graphs is provided.